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RINGERS Wins Award at Newport Beach Fest.

It was a genuinely exciting night. The bright lights and big city Hollywood energy permeated the entire Awards Night Ceremony held by the Newport Beach Film Festival, which were held Friday, April 29th. 

Making a strong statement as the little–indie–documentary–that–could, RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS took home an award for “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking.”   The filmmakers were thrilled and shocked to be lauded onstage by none other than world famous sports agent, Lee Steinberg (the man behind the character Tom Cruise played in "Jerry McGuire").  Mr. Steinberg generously praised RINGERS for reminding him of his wilder teenage hippie days in the Sixties when “The Lord of the Rings” was an exploding phenomenon that transformed the youth culture of Southern California.

Director Carlene Cordova stood on stage, graciously inviting the present members of the production team to join her.  Many of them appeared fatigued -- having worked outrageously long hours through a nightmare week of final post-production. Carlene and Cliff, Josh (Tan Pants), Jeff, Catherine, and John had made a strenuous, last-minute effort to have the perfect version of the film ready for back-to-back premieres of RINGERS within days of each other, at Newport Beach and immediately following at the USA Film Festival in Dallas.  The results paid off, certainly, as they stood before a roaring audience and accepted the gorgeous Award (finely stenciled leaded glass that captures light rather like a certain Phial)


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The evening quickly moved forward from that high point to the realm of silliness, as certain members of the team (who shall remain nameless, though their hasty roots get them into trouble) over-indulged in the celebratory fashion of true hobbits. Check out the NBFF s page for the full list of winners: Everyone at Planet BB and TheOneRing.net are humbled and thrilled -- we modestly share this win with the remarkable fans who have supported them all these long years during the (sometimes arduous) production of RINGERS. The film that came from the true heart of the Tolkien community will very soon make its presence known worldwide. This cinematic statement about one book influencing an entire world of people and the popular arts over 50 years, stands proudly as its own filmmaking achievement.