The Return of the One Party
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The Lord of the Rings
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oscar celebration for the lord of the rings and return of the king

Last Year
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The following galleries are a collection of and fan images. Gallery Photos of celebrity arrivals and Oscar Winners in attendance.

Action Figure Times
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Moochalas Gallery A collection of photos featuring the cast and crew in attendance with fans, and other staff.

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Arwen Gallery See behind the scenes of the party. From set-up to the end of the night, these photos show cast, crew, staff and more.

Ringer Arwen
[View Gallery] Gallery Images from directly in front of the stage, featuring the Hobbits and other celebrities.

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Xoanon Gallery Images from the VIP area and with TORn staff.

Ringer Xoanon
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Heather Gallery A comprehensive look behind the scenes through the eyes of our photographer. The gallery includes images from preparations the day before.

Heather Stanfield
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Eruve Gallery A fan experience documented through photography. Features images of cast and crew in attendance.

Ringer Eruve
[View Gallery] Gallery A fan website for Craig Parker (Haldir) featuring images of the actor at the party.
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Tindril Gallery Fan view of the events at Two Towers: One Party, focusing on friends and attendees.

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Fan Reaction
The following reports are a combination fan, movie cast and staff reports.

Bruce Hopkins Reaction " should take a very long and well deserved bow."

Bruce Hopkins
Gamling in LOTR
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Ian  smith Reaction "...this year's party surprised and impressed me...even better than last year's...I'm pleased to report that my gushing enthusiasm was shared by my fellow travellers from the UK - not one of the British party felt that the party hadn't been worth the cost of air fare and hotels to Los Angeles."
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Fan Reaction "It took quite a while once we got back to the hotel for my head to stop buzzing and my stomach to cease quivering with excitement. That, my friends, was a night to remember."

Vit Sit Tecum
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Reaction "All too soon, the evening in Tinseltown came to an end, and so did this magical time away from the news of the world. Thanks to The One Ring for sponsoring the official Two Towers party and allowing dOc to attend."
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Fan Reaction "The party was unforgettable. 'nuff said."

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Fan Reaction " MEGA-KUDOS to the TORN staffers who put this thing together. It was unbelievable and went off without a hitch! And you can bet we'll be there next year!"

Apocalyptic Productions - Michael F. Haspil
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Fan Reaction "Many thanks to Tookish, Quickbeam, Calisuri and all the other staffers at TORN for throwing such a great party and making it available to the fans."

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PUMA Press Fan Reaction "The movie had spoken to us all, and that we could understand. Why else would we all have gathered there from around the world? We'd been touched deeply by Jackson's brilliant portrayal of Tolkien's beautiful world. We'd been moved. And for that, we were grateful."

PUMA Press
Jessica D'Amico
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