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'Farewell to Lorien' Chapter 8

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'That night the Company was summoned again to the chamber of Celeborn'

The scene would fade from the one before, to a deep unfocused view of the decorations and colors of Celeborn's chamber. The camera would slowly focus and pan to the left, continuously moving slowly, we'd then hear Celeborn

Now is the time for those who wish to continue the quest must harden their hearts and leave this land.

The camera would slowly track Celeborn starting from his silver hair and slowly make its way down his face as he speaks

Those who do not wish to go forward may remain here, for a while. For we are now come to the edge of doom.

A shot of the entire Company, looking grave and scared, no one moves or speaks a word.

A new shot of Celeborn, showing his profile, he is on the left side of the screen, Galadriel comes into view behind him, emerging from behind his face, looking at Celeborn

They all resolved to go forward

She passes them over with a look of love, and pity. The party makes plans to leave tomorrow at daybreak. Celeborn arranges to give them boats and supplies.

That night, in private, the company debates their route;the scene opens with Boromir slamming his big boot down on a rock

I shall go to Minis Tirith alone, if need be! It is my duty.

The party is crowded in a circle, as if looking at a map or plans, which only exist in their minds. The debate moves around in circles, to Minas Tirith to gather an army, or alone shall they trek to Mordor? While the argument rages on, we start to pull in tight to Frodo, who, just coming out of a seeming daze, realizes someone is watching him; reluctantly he meets the gaze of this person, and Frodo's eyes widen. The camera cuts to a shot of Boromir, eyes like slits, looking deep 'into' the Hobbit.This gives Frodo the shivers, and soon after Boromir realizes what he was doing, shakes himself out of his daze, and walks away from the party, Frodo reaches for his necklace to check for the Ring.

The scene fades into a misty morning by the river, the fog is low, and golden, the Company emerge from the forest and are forced to squint at the bright morning sun. The three small grey boats are ready and packed for their trip, and as the Elves help with more packing we can sense the heavy hearts the company has while leaving this place. We'd see a tight shot of Gimli, looking back into the forest with melancholy already in his eyes, an elf would hand him some Lembas with Gimli would thank him for, he'd sniff it, take a small nibble, and whisper to himself, 'Cram;'he'd take another bigger bite, and with a broad smile and a boistrous laugh (that I know John Rhys-Davies has) would cheer, 'Cram! Ha ha!' And joyously slap the little elf on his back in thanks, almost toppling him over. Sam, meanwhile would be seen trying to master the art of getting in and out of the boats, and with very little luck, his knuckles would be white as he tries to told on the side of the boat and steady himself.

Two Elves would bring Merry and Pippin their Lorien cloaks, the young hobbits would look in wonder and awe, the cloaks themselves would be dark, but the color would seem indescribable, neither green nor brown or blue. Pippin asks if these are magic cloaks.

I do not know what you mean by that, but these are fair garments, and are Elvish robes certainly. They may not turn shaft or blade, but they should serve you well. You will find them a great aid in keeping you out of the sight of unfriendly eyes.

The final departure from Lorien occurs after the party has traveled on the boats for a short time. Then they meet Galadriel and Celeborn, on their huge sawn-like boat. While I'd still like to see the swan-boat,I'd very much like to have the parting scene before the group steps into the boats: I see the boats as their ferry into the second half of this film,where Lorien is the exact middle of the tale. It also represents the last great resting place our heroes will have for a long while, and none of them want to leave, so once they get into these boats, Lorien is over in my film, so I'd have Celeborn and Galadriel meet them by the riverside, with food and gifts.

Though you have been our guests, you have not yet eaten with us, and we bid you, therefore, to a parting feast, here between the flowing waters that will bear you far from Lorien.

I would then love to hear a song, sung either by Galadriel or some singing Elves. The song Tolkien has Galadriel sing in the book in this scene is wonderful, and one of my favorites, so why would I might not have Galadriel sing this song? Because I wanted the party to be sitting in the grass enjoying the music, when the scene would fade to the sun,higher in the sky, suddenly a sillouette would block the sun from our view -- Galadriel, carrying a cup and giving it to each of the party,the song heard in the background.

Galadriel would then each give them their parting gifts, the sheath for Aragorn, and a brooch; Boromir and the young Hobbits belts of gold and silver respectively; Sam his box of earth, for which he blushes;Legolas a new bow, Gimli gets his strands of hair, and Frodo his glass phial. Each of these gifts are of course very integral parts to the trilogy and should be treated as such, it is also a chance to flesh out our characters - the softer side of Gimli, Aragorn looking kingly. finally Celeborn and Galadriel make their farewells and the party is off.

As they make their way (unhappily for some) into the boats, they arrange themselves accordingly: Aragorn, Frodo and Sam; then Boromir, Merry and Pippin; Legolas and Gimli in the rear.

A lot has been said regarding the relationship between the Elf and the dwarf. Tolkien merely says that they've 'become fast friends'...I feel this isn't enough for a film... there needs to be some form of 'peace offering between the two, and a deceleration of their friendship before this river scene. I'd certainly have something between the two in Lorien,scenes where perhaps they've found a common interest or subject to get along with, because I'd certainly like to see a scene in the boat where Gimli, still enjoying some 'cram', offers it to Legolas.

This is not Cram, it's lembas or way bread, and its more strengthening than any food made by men.
(Grunts in approval)
And it is better than cram by all accounts.
(Just about grunts in approval again before realizing what Legolas has said, then just gives him a dirty look, and laughs)
Indeed it is!

The boats set off down the river. As an ending to the Lorien scenes, I'd have the camera pan over all three boats as they flow down the river, all the party looking back at that magical place, the score during this scene would be filled with melancholy and sadness...

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