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'The Ring Goes South' Chapter 3

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'Later that day the Hobbits held a meeting of their own in Bilbo's room...'

Now, that is how this chapter starts, but I'm not finished with the council of Elrond, not yet.

So there we are, still in the council room, Frodo and his band of Elves, Dwarves and Men have formed the Fellowship and must set off immediately. Tolkien has them stay in Rivendell, from what I hear the pace of PJ's version is fast, so I see no need for them to stick around. I understand the importance of them staying there to wait for news from the scouts about the Riders and other matters, but in my version, they'd have to set out right away.

I think Elrond should make some grand (not too grand, or long for that matter) speech. This comes in a very small form at the end of Chapter 2, the chapter ends on a humorous note, something I do not like at this point in the story. I'd make Elrond's speech a tad longer and it would be a standout piece of dialogue in a scene jam-packed with great dialogue. I'd have the end of Elrond's speech fade out slowly to the morning of their departure (the next day) the Fellowship is standing in the front gates of Elronds house, with Bill the pony all packed up and ready to go. All the dialogue with Frodo and Bilbo will be there, this scene will center on that, it will be a touching moment. This is where Bilbo would give Frodo Sting and his chain mail.

This scene must also include all the great dialogue from the members of the fellowship, Boromir and his Horn, Aragorn and his Sword. The party is slightly bigger, and therefore more screen time is needed to open these new characters and let them begin to develop. Gimli, as we know is the scruff, brave dwarf with the deep voice and quiet ways. Boromir is set in his ways and is a dark figure with a worn look. Legolas is the lighthearted elf. With the exception of Orlando Bloom, I've seen Bean and Rhys-Davies act and I can say is that these actors fit these roles perfectly. So for a while on, it is imperative that they give them the same treatment Tolkien does, he let's them have their small moments in this chapter.

The flow of the film starts again with something we're used to, travel. This book is basically about that, going from one place to another, and Tolkien never fails to describe the scenery and the weather in the slightest detail. So I feel that they are both integral parts of the story. I'd had quite a few scenes of beautiful vistas and dark forests, rolling hills and flowing rivers. Along with bright sunny days, and rainy cold ones as well.

The decision is of course made to go to Redhorn pass and make for Dimrill Dale, this could be a great time for Gimli's character to develop, 'I need no map' the quiet warrior declares, and with Gandalf leads the Fellowship towards the mountains. Time spent travelling will most certainly be spent of dialogue and character development, why not? It'd be a great time for exposition and character development.

They stop for food and sleep. I really love the scene with the crows, just when Gandalf declares that they are in a peaceful land and that nothing can be amiss here, they are almost spotted by a large flock of black crows. I'd love to see Aragorn, sitting at his watch, while the rest sleep, when suddenly he spots something high in the sky, a black mist, almost alive.... It wheels and turns down towards them, Aragorn's eyes grow wide as he lays flat down and covers himself, a large flock of birds, moving incredibly fast swoop down and jet past the camp, so fast that they cause the wind to stir. They fly as and disappear (A great shot in the trailer perhaps? I'd love that). Aragorn would then raise his head and look about him in panic, his breathing very hard.

That crow scene is one of the first signs of the Enemy's growing power in Middle-earth, he has the ability to get is 'spies' into the 'holy' place of Hollin. Aragorn wakes the party, and they move on in haste.


That night Frodo and Gandalf took the watch, Frodo is lying flat on his back, looking out at the stars. Suddenly a large chunk of them disappear. Frodo realizes that the stars didn't disappear, there is something up there, he sits up and whispers to Gandalf.


Did you see anything pass over?


No, but I felt it, whatever it was. It may be nothing, a
whisp of thin cloud

Suddenly Aragorn would mutter, from under his hood across the small fire


It was moving fast then, and not with the wind.

The next day as they prepared for the day's journey. We'd see Aragorn and Gandalf in the heated discussion about how to proceed next, up Caradhras or below, through Moria. Both seemed hopeless now, and Aragorn told Gandalf so, they would argue until Gandalf had his way. Only then would we see Frodo, behind a tree listening to the entire argument, he takes the ring from out under his clothes and squeezes in his hand.

They'd make their way up Caradhras, the scenery changes, grass and hills gives way to rock and snow, we'd see the way begin to grow more and more dangerous and cold. A few shots of the Hobbits donning some heavy coats. Then the snow starts to fall, ever so lightly at first, it just gets thicker and thicker, the Hobbits are finding it harder and harder to walk in the think snow, I'd even have a shot of Pippin slipping in the snow, he'd get picked up by Legolas.

Picture the opening from 'The Empire Strikes Back', picture the snowy scenes from 'Alive', and picture the mountain vistas from 'Cliffhanger'. This is where our band finds themselves. They make their way to a small cliffside where the wind isn't as strong. Boromir tells them that they cannot continue (This is a good chance for Sean Bean to let this character open up). They decide to stay there for the night, Gandalf gives them a draught of Elrond's brew, and starts a fire. (I love the way he reluctantly decides to use some magic to start the fire, almost as if he's embarrassed, or feels that people are watching and is worried about spies).


I wonder if this is a contrivance of the Enemy, they
say in my land that he can govern the storms in the
Mountains of Shadow that stand upon the
borders of Mordor. He has strange powers and many


His arm has grown long indeed, if he can draw
snow down from the North to trouble us here
three hundred leagues away.


His arm has grown long.

This is the second sign that Sauron's power is growing. The shot pulls out from the party on this cliff edge, the snow beating down on them, they huddle together shivering and helpless. The camera continues to pull back, revealing more of the mountain, the Fellowship grow smaller and smaller, as we can see the whole mountain and the surrounding vistas. The snow totally envelops them, the scene fades to black.

White, total white, suddenly poof! a head and shoulders pops up out of the snow, Pippin, totally covered all night, awakens and shakes the snow off his head and body, almost enjoying it. He digs the half-buried Merry out; the rest of the party is already awake, deciding their next move.

They decide to head back down and make for the gate of Moria. The going is tough, the snow was piled extremely high and the Hobbit's need to be carried most of the way. They suddenly stop at turn in the path. Boromir and Aragorn move on ahead. Legolas talks with Frodo a while, Frodo would tell the Elf how cold and damp his feet are, the Elf would then sprint off to help the men, and Frodo would then realize that the Elf has only sandals to protect his feet.

They make their way down the mountain and find a place to rest.

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