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TORN #86

Thursday June 21, 2001

Here it is, the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Rings Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

MediaWatch: Impossible to make a Tolkien movie?
Thanks to Ringer Andy for sending us this link to an article from
Ananova.com: "The director of the animated version of Lord Of
The Rings says he thinks it's impossible to transfer Tolkien's words
to the big screen.

Philippa Boyens at 32nd Mythopoeic Confrence
From: Ant In case you haven't seen this the one of the screenwriters
for the LOTR movies will be a special guest at the 32nd Annual
Mythopoeic Conference this August. Check out the details.

Foxtrot does LOTR
Bill Amend, creator of 'Foxtrot' has done it again, this time Jason
has marked LOTR's 6 month wait by getting into his elvish cloak
and heading on over to the local movie theatre to wait in line!
Check out the latest in what hopes to be a week full of LOTR
inspired Foxtrot comics!

FOTR Trailer on E!
From: Sharon I just wanted to tell you that E!'s Coming Attractions
has just announced that they will show something about the new
Fellowship of the Ring trailer. They'll probably show the whole trailer.

A voice of Gollum passes on......
We here at TORN have just learned of the passing of Brother
Theodore, one of the finest dark comedians in history, and also,
the talented man who did the voice of Gollum in Rankin-Bass'
1978 animated production of [The Hobbit]. He died April 5th,
2001 at the ripe age of 94.

Barrie Osbourne to Receive Award
LOTR producer and all around nice guy Barrie Osbourne has
left New Zealand, if only for a little while. Osbourne is flying to
Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota to receive a
'Distinguished Allumni Award'. The ceremony will take place
tomorrow, congrats Barrie!

Scouring of the Site (Breakdown of our various sections)

Barlimans is more than a place to get your mead! There
is the Fun Section, Regulars Map and Photo Gallery, and
of course the gateway to our ever famous MIRC Chatroom!
GOTO: http://theonering.net/barlimans/index.html

Gaming Havens is keeping all you gamers up to date on
the latest RPG/Fantasy/Sci-Fi games out there. Check it
out daily for gaming news.
GOTO: http://haven.theonering.net/index.shtml

Check out the new Green Books for June. Anwyn has a great new
Counterpoint about MAGIC, with emphasis on the 'gift of Art.' Check
out Turgon's Bookshelf for a publicity interview with Tom Shippey,
author of "J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of the Century. And a very nice surprise:
new Tributes from authors Harry Turtledove and Lisa Goldstein, part
of the forthcoming anthology, Meditations on Middle-earth, edited by
Karen Haber (St. Martin's Press, Nov. 2001). Our Special Guest takes
a spin on Tolkien's most mysterious character: "Who is Tom Bombadil?"
Enjoy the crazy comedic compendium of Tookish's Ticklers.
The ever-popular Q&A has 16 new articles
GOTO: http://greenbooks.theonering.net/index.shtml

The Official Peter Jackson Fanclub (TBHL) The Lord of the Rings
Director's very own fanclub! Stop on by to learn more about the man,
the myth, the bastard. If you are a Peter Jackson fan, then 'The
Bastards Have Landed' is the place for you!
GOTO: http://tbhl.theonering.net/index.shtml

The Tolkien community never looked so good! Come and check out
our listing of 11 subsites hosted by TheOneRing.net! We've got
everything from Rolozo Tolkien, with almost EVERY Middle-earth
image ever created, to our FX section, devoted to the magic of motion
picture special effects. As well as a host of foreign language sites!
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/sites/index.html

Our Tolkien Fan section is just for you! From the site design to all the
stories and text is designed by you the fans of Tolkien and
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/index.shtml

Shop.theonering.net is THE place to find all your Tolkien items available
online! From Tolkien cards to weekly ebay items, you should keep clicking
on over to our shop section for all your Tolkien needs!
GOTO: http://shop.theonering.net/index.shtml

Palantir Visions (Things seen from beyond the front page)

Vote Us a Webbie!!

This years 'Webbies' are being tallied and we at TheOneRing.net want you to
vote for us!

What are the People's Voice Awards (Webbies)? In a rousing tribute to
democracy on the Web, The Webby Awards asks the public to vote for their
favorite Web sites in the fifth annual People's Voice Awards, sponsored by
Earthlink. (http://www.webbyawards.com/)

So now we want you to vote us in the 'Film' Category. All you have to do is
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Registration is as simple as entering your email address and your name
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All you then have to do is click on the 'film' category and enter our name
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TheOneRing.net Newbie Guide Online!

TheOneRing.net is proud to announce a brand new section.TheOneRing.net
Newbie Guide. This guide is set up so that fans like yourselves, and new
can get a great overview of what TheOneRing.net has to offer.

Among some of the highlights of this section is page devoted to our entirely
volunteer staff. Also, check out the section overviews to learn more about
interior pages you probably never knew existed. After browsing through the
guide, please send me some feedback at calisuri@theonering.net. I'd love to
hear it.

That's all for now, keep clicking, have fun and keep sending in those
letters! We love to hear from you!

See anything you want to add to the site? Have any
suggestions as to chat guests, content items, or just want to say hi?
Drop us a line at theonering@theonering.net, do you want to speak
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