[Lotr_announce] Pre-Order the LOTR Extended on Blu-Ray with Digital Copy!

Michael Regina xoanon at theonering.net
Mon Mar 7 11:06:03 CST 2011

Pre-Order the LOTR Extended on Blu-Ray with Digital Copy!

Fans of Blu-ray have been waiting a long time for this day! TheOneRing.net
is excited to help announce the pre-order for The Lord of the Rings: The
Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition Blu-ray! Following on the heels of
the wildly successful Blu-ray premier of the Original Theatrical Trilogy
comes the long awaited comprehensive Limited Extended Edition Blu-ray

Over 26 hours of Bonus Content including the rare Costa Botes documentaries
that was never released before on the Extended Edition Trilogy. Nearly 5
hours of additional content. Each set includes the fan beloved Extended
Editions of each film on Blu-ray plus a bonus Digital Copy of the film
available online. Guess who already pre-ordered a few copies?!




Michael Regina
Editor in Chief - TheOneRing.net
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