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TORN #82

Friday May 18, 2001

Here it is, the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Rings Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

The Latest on Sierra from E3
>From the subject of email I received this morning, DarthCaeser,
of Gaming Havens, is not a happy camper. I guess, "NO!!!!!", means
he read a pretty bad report on Sierra's 'Fellowship of the Ring' game.

WETA/Sideshowtoy pics!
Some truly amazing pics from the very cool folks at WETA/Sideshowtoys!
Check these out!

GAMING: Sierra to take E3 by storm!
Finally, the newly announced game based on J.R.R. Tolkien's worldwide
best-selling novel The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, will
make its debut on the Xbox behind closed doors!

Pippin's Bath Song is IN!!!
How many of you caught what Peter Jackson and the hobbits are singing
in the video clip from Sweden's TV4?
"O sweet is the sound of falling rain/ and the brook thaleaps from hill to
But better than rain or rippling streams/ is Water Hot that smokes and
Check out the report and hear the hobbit boys sing here.

Go to the LOTR Party now!
Well, no not really, but you can catch over 2 mins of RealVideo footage at
Filmfestivals.com, more pics coming as well!

Last Night, I dreamt I was in Middle-earth...
All this Cannes 2001 stuff must be getting to my head, because last night,
I dreamt I was in Middle-earth. It wasn't the normal dream I have had
since I was a child, this one was new...and real...

Balrog Wings: Yes or no? FIND OUT!
Calisuri reports in from Cannes with the answer to the question which has
come up every week since the announcement of the movies. The question
that has spurred many hours of debate, and countless arguments. If you want
to find out the answer, check out the Cannes page.

Scouring of the Site (Breakdown of our various sections)

Barlimans is more than a place to get your mead! There
is the Fun Section, Regulars Map and Photo Gallery, and
of course the gateway to our ever famous MIRC Chatroom!
GOTO: http://theonering.net/barlimans/index.html

Gaming Havens is keeping all you gamers up to date on
the latest RPG/Fantasy/Sci-Fi games out there. Check it
out daily for gaming news.
GOTO: http://haven.theonering.net/index.shtml

Check out the new Green Books for May. Turgon pulled
out the big guns against that nasty critic from the New York Times! Check
out the wonderful reader response in his Bookshelf. You will laugh your
knickers off when you read Tookish's Ticklers. New cartoons, jokes, and a
fine Marx Brothers parody from Whistler. Anwyn is back, joining us for the
mother-lode of all Q&A! Our Special Guests include an amazing, in-depth
look at the perils of modernity: "Where the Shadows Lie" and a thoughtful
take on gender attitudes via Éowyn and Faramir: "Macho Men & Warrior
Moon Letters is updated with new stories, poems, and a great essay on
Boromir as the perfect model of Aristotle's tragic character: "Looking at
GOTO: http://greenbooks.theonering.net/index.shtml

The Official Peter Jackson Fanclub (TBHL) The Lord of the Rings
Director's very own fanclub! Stop on by to learn more about the man,
the myth, the bastard. If you are a Peter Jackson fan, then 'The
Bastards Have Landed' is the place for you!
GOTO: http://tbhl.theonering.net/index.shtml

The Tolkien community never looked so good! Come and check out
our listing of 11 subsites hosted by TheOneRing.net! We've got
everything from Rolozo Tolkien, with almost EVERY Middle-earth
image ever created, to our FX section, devoted to the magic of motion
picture special effects. As well as a host of foreign language sites!
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/sites/index.html

Our Tolkien Fan section is just for you! From the site design to all the
stories and text is designed by you the fans of Tolkien and
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/index.shtml

Shop.theonering.net is THE place to find all your Tolkien items available
online! From Tolkien cards to weekly ebay items, you should keep clicking
on over to our shop section for all your Tolkien needs!
GOTO: http://shop.theonering.net/index.shtml

Palantir Visions (Things seen from beyond the front page)

TheOneRing,net's Worldwide Tolkien Fan Search 2001!!

We here at TORN are searching the world over for the world's biggest Tolkien
fan. Do you have an entire room devoted to your Tolkien collection? Or maybe
a tattoo of Smeagol in an area you can't disclose to the general public? Or
better yet, maybe you have a set of triplets named Gandalf, Saruman and
Well, we wanna hear about it! So, all you Tolkien-maniacs out there write
your story down,
or take a photo of what you think makes you the "World's biggest Tolkien

That's all for now, keep clicking, have fun and keep sending in
those letters! I love to hear from you!

See anything you want to add to the site? Have any
suggestions as to chat guests, content items, or just want to
say hi? Drop us a line at theonering@theonering.net, do you
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