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[ Staff ] (From left to right: Tehanu, Tinuviel, Blasm, Gandalf, Balin, Quickbeam, Turgon, Calisuri, Leo, Corvar, Frode, Pippin Took, Jincey, CharlieMS, PipeSmoke, Susie, Anwyn, Xoanon, Dune, Melian, Nob, Lewman, Thorongil, Berendir, Ostadan, Elwing, Tookish, Gamgee, Mia, Merry, Strider, Nazfyratu. Not pictured: DarthCaeser )

In May of 1999, four people came together to create a movie site dedicated to the upcoming Lord of the Rings Trilogy soon to start filming in New Zealand. Though each one came from a different part of the world, the love of one man’s life’s work brought Calisuri, Xoanon, Tehanu and Corvar together to form, "Forged by and for the fans of J.R.R Tolkien."

[ Co-Editors ]

Michael Regina (Xoanon) is currently studying Network Technology at CDI College in Montreal, Canada. A huge movie fan and director, Mike's first-hand knowledge on the ins and outs of film-making greatly informs his Lord of the Rings coverage.[More Info]

Erica Challis (Tehanu) is a professional musician with the Auckland Philharmonia. A New Zealand native, Tehanu often visited the filming locations during the months of shooting and knows just why her home is such a perfect place for these films. Tehanu is also an excellent writer and often brings her vision of Tolkien to her readers. [More Info]

[ Co-Webmasters ]

Christopher Pirrotta (Calisuri) is the man who makes look as good as it does. A graphic designer and digital artist from State College, Pennsylvania, Calisuri is the brains behind all of the fantastic designs found within the site, managing to give each one its own distinct look and feel.[More Info] [Staff Page]

William R Thomas (Corvar) is a computer professional who resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Along with Chris, Bill is the guy responsible for making sure that everything site-related runs smoothly. Corvar’s vast knowledge in the ever-changing computer field ensures that keeps ticking over without a hitch.[More Info] [Staff Page]

[ The Rest of the Staff ]

Anywn: A music teacher with a love for Tolkien’s literature, Anywn uses her writing skills to illustrate the main themes that are threaded throughout Middle-Earth in her Greenbooks column, Counterpoint.[More Info]

Alvie: Long-time member of the Barliman’s crew, Alvie pops into Barliman’s whenever he has time out of his busy schedule with Limp Bizkit to see how everyone’s doing at his favourite inn. [More Info]

Balin: One of the original Barliman’s ops, Balin is a great father and is also one of the most versed members of the staff in Tolkien literature. A great guy to talk to if you see him pop up in Barli’s. [More Info]

Berendir: A passionate hater of all things Gaming, Berendir has been in charge of Gaming Havens since its creation and keeps you informed about the latest goings-on in the gaming world, from roleplaying to movie tie-ins.

Blasm: Multimedia expert and convention visitor, Blasm helps make some fantastic creations for’s website and makes presentations on our behalf at any conventions we attend.

Charliems: Hard-working yet often unheralded, Charliems is the man in charge of Barliman the Bot, making sure there are always plenty of 1420s to go around. He also helps organise Hall of Fire chats.

Corwyn: Lifelong Lord of the Rings fan and Business consultant to, Corwyn advises us on the financial side of things, and makes sure that we get the best out of the site in every way possible.

DarthCaesar: Originally taking over Berendir’s duties in charge of Gaming Havens, DarthCaesar now works extremely hard for the Havens on a full-time basis, and keeps everyone updated on the latest news.

Dune: Dune is the webmaster and designer of the Portuguese community member He is always around to help out with news, design and anything else he can get his hands on.[More Info]

Elwing: Elwing is a fantastic artist, who has contributed a lot of her artwork designs to our site in the past. Her most recent works include the signposts and characters that you see in the newbie guide itself!

Frazier: The man in charge of Peter Jackson’s official Fan Club, The Bastards Have Landed, Lewman tries to keep us up to date with all the latest news involving our favourite New Zealand director.

Frode: Tolkien scholar and Barliman op, Frode uses his vast amount of Tolkien knowledge when he works at The Hall of Fire, and he also helped put the newbie guide together. Just don’t mention Lurtz to him.[More Info]

Gamgee: One of our associate editors, Gamgee is also in charge of organising our booth at conventions, creating some great competitions for our fans, and making up great polls week in week out.[More Info]

Gandalf: Gamgee’s brother, Gandalf is another hard-working member of’s staff, who was originally in charge of the Hall of Fire. Nowadays he cracks jokes and has fun while staying in Barli’s.

Jincey: Chief of Barliman’s and also someone with a sharp eye for bargains while shopping on-line, Jincey makes sure everyone at Barliman’s feels welcome and is a loving acting-mommy to everyone on staff. [More Info]

Leo: Leo is one of the founders of the Dutch site and often helps contribute to the running of as an associate editor. He was responsible for getting all the information in this guide together.[More Info]

Mia: Just like Elwing, Mia is a fantastic artist who has contributed some of her amazing artwork to’s website. Her beautiful works are one of the reasons the site looks as good as it does.

Melian: Responsible for the overall running of Hall of Fire, Melian is a genuine Tolkien scholar and is also a fantastic writer, contributing a lot to the Lord of the Rings guide. A Barli’s regular and acting-therapist.

Merry: The creator of the Finnish Community site Kontu, Merry is also one of the welcoming ops in Barliman’s who creates stories about the latest goings-on in the room and posts them on his website!

Mormegil: The man in charge of making sure all Hall of Fire staff are doing what they said they would weeks ago, Mormegil is also a Barli’s regular and is always willing to talk about the latest farming news.

Nazfyratu: Long time Barliman’s regular and an incredibly knowledgeable person in all of J.R.R Tolkien’s work, Naz can often been seen hanging around Barliman’s, discussiong something Middle-Earth related.

Nob: Nob is another extremely hard working person on the Barliman’s scene and looks after the Barliman’s photo album. Send him your photo and he will get it put it in our album as soon as possible.

Ostadan: A hard-working member of the Green Books staff, Ostadan is a linguistics expert and therefore uses his knowledge to pen Ostadan’s Lore & Letters, and of course answer all your tricky questions.

Pipesmoke: Pipesmoke is a big gaming fan, and is also in charge of the Rumour Mill message boards. Pipe makes sure everyone on the boards are having fun and answers any questions or queries you might have.[More Info]

Pippin Took: Pippin Took is an avid movie fan who is in charge of the Frequently Asked Questions section….no easy job! He is also Calisuri’s assistant web designer for, and he handles a great deal of the site’s editing/proofreading as well.

Quickbeam: The Green Books staffer who writes Out on a Limb, Quickbeam shares his thoughts and opinions on anything that has met his Entish attention, and also alerts us on any updates to Green Books.

Strider: News editor and Barliman’s op, Strider keeps us updated on the latest news around the world, helped with the Lord of the Rings guide, and lets us know what great Hall of Fire topics are coming up. [More Info]

Susie: Our Latin op, Susie is one of the most caring people in Barliman’s. She also looks after the people that visit the chat room of our Brazilian Community Member, Pelennor.

Thorongil: Another long-time Barliman’s visitor, Thorongil is one of the most helpful people that we have. He also helped write a lot of material for the Lord of the Rings guide.

Tinuviel: A very hard working behind-the-scenes member of our site, Tinny is a whiz with all sorts of scripting and creates a lot of helpful tools for the day to day running of the site. Quite a gal! [More Info]

Tookish: TORn Staffer since 1999, Tookish is a Senior Editor and was heavily involved in the site early on. These days Tookish heads up the Green Books humor section, reports and edits a little bit, and spends most of his time at home raising hobbits.[More Info]

Turgon: The book reviewer of Green Books, Turgon reviews a different piece of Tolkien literature every month and compares it to the rest of his works. And of course he answers all your book queries.

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