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March 22, 2000 - March 28, 2000

News for Mar. 28, 2000

Quests, Myths and Archetypes

3/28/00, 16:48 EST - Calisuri

Tehanu's next Note is out, finally. She looks at those old staples of fantasy literature everywhere: quests, myths and archetypes. And looks at how Arwen fits right into all of that. [ more ]

Tolkien Weekend in Birmingham, UK.

3/28/00, 13:51 EST - Tehanu

Mia's alerted us to some more Tolkien-related fun coming up in England.
The Tolkien Society and Birmingham City Council will be running a "Tolkien Weekend" at Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, just south of Birmingham, on the 13th and 14th May 2000. The mill will be working, and there will be exhibitions by The Tolkien Society, Hall Green library, and local history groups. There will be activities for children, etc. It will be free. Sarehole Mill was the "original" of the Mill at Bywater in The Lord of the Rings, and is now maintained as a traditional milling museum.
You can find out more about this by checking out the Tolkien Society's website here

News for Mar. 27, 2000

New Line's Q&A

3/27/00, 15:19 EST - Xoanon

The folks at New Line were good enough to send me an update on the Q&A session with PJ.

A number of sites have sent in a sample of the intriguing questions that your users have asked and they have been fantastic. If you have more than two questions you'd like to submit, please feel free to send in a moderately-sized selection and we'll do our best to work in as many as possible.

New Line also stated that they will have many more of these Q&A's with Different people from time to time! This means perhaps we get a chance to speak with some actors or SFX folks!

Also, with New Line saying they'd like to see the other questions we had, I've sent all 10 to them to look over! So it seems we get to ask many more questions than before!

And here is some extra bit of news they sent only to TheOneRing.net

Our next month-long Q&A session will begin on June 1st.

So get your next set of questions ready!

Casting Call in Ruapehu, Te Anau

3/27/00, 13:27 EST - Xoanon

From: Hugo

One of my Dutch contacts in NZ send this to me:

"Lord of the rings are calling for extras (soldiers), some time around 13 - 15 April in the middle of the North Island (Ruapehu), it's our skiing mountain in a desert style setting in a cold harsh place."

(Ruapehu is the highest mountain in the Tongariro National Park and has been picked as the main Mordor location - Tehanu)

He also heard there was a similar demand in Te Anau.

This Weeks Ebay Items

3/27/00, 10:22 EST - Xoanon

More Tolkien items then you can shake a stick at! [More]

Cast Watch: Liv and Hill at local sports event

3/27/00, 09:52 EST - Xoanon

Click to enlarge

Article Reads: In The Middle - Hollywood actor and Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler dressed up warmly yesterday to watch a spot of test cricket at the Basin Reserve. Sitting with her was boyfriend Roy Langdon, right, the English-born singer of US band Space Hog, and British actor Bernard Hill, who plays Theoden, King of Rohan in the Trilogy

Cast Watch: Viggo's 'Errant Vine'

3/27/00, 09:39 EST - Xoanon

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) is showcasing some of his photos and media at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York City:

Mortensen's photography and large-scale mixed media works carry the intensity of his career. Actor, writer, photographer and painter, Mortensen's journeys have taken an irregular path. Filling notebooks with poetry and drawings, rummaging for salvage to layer into his works, he has an inexhaustible supply of material. Mortensen's mixed media has the true nature of outsider art but also take the purposive form of work by an artist who reinterprets the hours of his existence. [More]

Cast Watch: Liv and Ian on TV

3/27/00, 09:27 EST - Xoanon

US fans of Liv Tyler (Arwen) can catch her in 'Cookies Fortune' on Cinemax [More]

You can also see Ian McKellen (Gandalf) in 'Gods and Monsters' on TMN [More]

Faramir Cast?

3/27/00, 00:42 EST - Xoanon

David Wenham

Internet rumors abound this weekend concerning Aussie actor David Wenham. Wenham (Russian Doll, A Little Bit of Soul, Dark city) has been rumored to play Faramir, brother of fallen hero Boromir and younger son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor.

Since my contacts have yet to confirm this, I'm wary to call this a sure thing. Consider it a RUMOR for the moment. More info as it comes.

Cast Watch: Cate and Oscar

3/27/00, 00:28 EST - Xoanon

Our very own Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) was a presenter at the 72nd Annual Oscar Awards. She was with her 'Talented Mr. Ripley' Co-Star, and Legolas rumor many a month ago, Jude Law.

News for Mar. 26, 2000

E-Post at McKellen.com

3/26/00, 22:03 EST - Tehanu

Sir Ian McKellen has posted some more answers to email he's received concerning his role as Gandalf, and as usual they are well worth reading. You can read them here

Media Watch: Starfix Magazine

3/26/00, 12:36 EST - Xoanon

Click to enlarge

From: Francois

This time I think I really got something for you, because I've never seen some of these pictures anywhere else. It's a short article from the french magazine Starfix (#11, march/april 2000).

You think they have an in ground pool?

3/26/00, 12:31 EST - Xoanon

From: Kimi

I just heard yet another item on National Radio about the filming of LOTR, which is to start in about a week. They spoke to the owner of a motel in Ohakune. The motel is called "The Hobbit Motor Lodge"! How appropriate.

Cast Watch 1: Liv at Cricket Match

3/26/00, 11:47 EST - Xoanon

Liv Tyler (Arwen) was recently at the Australia v New Zealand cricket match on Sunday (today). Just a bit of info for you :)

Thanks to Seraphim for the tip!

Cast Watch 2: Hill's Titanic on Cinemax

3/26/00, 11:45 EST - Xoanon

Bernard Hill (Theoden) most infamous role, as Captain EJ Smith from 'Titanic' is on Cinemax today. [More]

News for Mar. 25, 2000

Updated Cast Pages

3/25/00, 15:00 EST - Calisuri

Elijah Wood Cast Page

We have slightly redesigned the cast section to match the biography format in the characters area. [ more ]

News for Mar. 24, 2000

Leo Scours the Sets..

3/24/00, 12:04 EST - Xoanon

Super Ringer Spy Leo is a busy boy...after treking through most of civilized New Zealand he's set up shop at his computer and nearly burned out his scanner getting us these pics! Enjoy! [More]


Search for the One Ring Contest!

3/24/00, 02:16 EST - Calisuri

Search for the One Ring Contest!

To honor tomorrow's historic day in Middle-earth history (the destruction of the Ring and downfall of Sauron), TheOneRing.net is proud to announce the " Search for The One Ring" Contest! Starting on March 29th at 12 midnight EST, Calisuri will hide 20 rings inside our site. If you are lucky enough to be the first person to find the One Ring, you will be an instant winner of Badali Jewelry's replica of that ring. Some of the other rings will also make you an instant winner. Along the way Gollum and Gandalf will be dropping hints and tips on where to find some of the rings and how to be a winner! Stay tuned for more information! [ more ]

News for Mar. 23, 2000

Green light for filming at Tongariro National Park

3/23/00, 21:50 EST - Tehanu

This is what we've been waiting to hear as far as locations go. It's the ultimate Mordor location....if the Dept. of Conservation had turned down ThreeFootSix's application to film on Ruapehu we would have had to make do with some cheap imitation of this magnificent and bizarre landscape. (According to D.o.C. staff I spoke to, they'd already done some filming up there. Hm.)
The full story is over at Scoop news website. Quick off the mark as usual.

Eomer has been Cast!

3/23/00, 20:18 EST - Xoanon

Oh Boy! The biggest enigma since the production has started has been partially answered! TheOneRing.net has learned that Eomer HAS been cast! Stay tuned right here for more details! Ringer Spy Galadriel strikes again and tells us he is a relative unknown and is most likely not an American.

Galadriel Reloads...

3/23/00, 20:15 EST - Xoanon

What will Elrond look like? Who is filming what where? What's PJ been up to? What will be filmed next? Galadriel reveals all! [More]

The Antis are coming! The Antis are coming!

3/23/00, 11:49 EST - Xoanon

Vote for the Anti Awards yet? If not, you only have 1 day left! Be heard and vote! [ANTI AWARDS]

Web Watch: Cate's card is filling up

3/23/00, 10:41 EST - Xoanon

NEW YORK (Variety) - Cate Blanchett has committed to star with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in ``Outlaws,'' a romantic comedy that Barry Levinson will start shooting for MGM in September. [More]

More casting calls.

3/23/00, 00:13 EST - Tehanu

Anyone Kiwi TOR.netters out there listen to Radio 1ZB? Finally somebody got round to mentioning to me that they'd been advertising for extras for LOTR on 1ZB. Auditions are to be held in Palmerston North, Wanganui and Napier. Basically the central North Island. More crowds for Mordor? They want two types of people. Type a) Men and women 5'10" and over, between the ages of 18 and 40, of slim build. Type b), men 5'10" and over, with fair or grey hair, bearded is OK, between the ages of 18 and 50, with an athletic build.

More Mordor....

3/23/00, 00:05 EST - Tehanu

Well, the Haradrim have got their call-up papers. Apparently they are required to be available from the end of April to mid-May, and they'll be filmed up on Mt. Ruapehu. I asked my friend if he thought they had looked for Maori or Pacific Islanders specifically to be Haradrim, and he didn't believe so. Just felt I had to check in case you're tired of talking about Arwen and want to get back to the ol' 'Tolkien was a racist' debate.

News for Mar. 22, 2000


3/22/00, 19:42 EST - Tehanu

We've heard that some of the film crews are getting ready to go up to the Central Plateau, the barren volcanic area in the middle of the North Island comprising of Mt. Ruapehu, Mt. Ngaruhoe and Mt. Tongariro. The Dept. of Conservation's given the go-ahead for filming to take place there, and it was always intended as the location for Mordor. You can get a general idea of the kind of landscape it is if you go here Some of us hobbit-heads took a four-day walk around there in February.

Official Site news: New 'Live on Set' RA

3/22/00, 14:35 EST - Xoanon

Ringer Spy Simeon sent in the great news! The Official Site has updated their 'Live on Set' reports! this time 'round Clair has an assistant dish out some Elvish phrases! One a greeting and the other a spell. Sounds great! [More]

Cast Watch: Wood on TMN

3/22/00, 09:37 EST - Xoanon

The Elijah Wood (Frodo) film 'Deep Impact' is on TMN today [More]

Media Watch: SFX Magazine

3/22/00, 09:34 EST - Xoanon

Lord of all books...

Click to view the painting from the article

The latest issue of SFX Magazine (April 2000) continues their 'SFX Reader Awards' with the Top 50 Books of all Time. Lord of the Rings ranked number one, The Hobbit was number four.

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