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February 14, 2001 - February 20, 2001

News for Feb. 20, 2001

Lurtz in Costume?

2/20/01, 4:31 pm EST - Calisuri

Ringer discussion guru Gorel, sends us this tidbit about a possible sighting of the infamous Lurtz. SPOILER [More]

Dwarf and Hobbit Talk Tolkien

2/20/01, 3:22 pm EST - Calisuri

Empire Online has a small interview with John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) and Billy Boyd (Pippin) at the recent Empire Awards.

"John Rhys-Davies, who plays the Dwarf Gimli, in the movie, couldn't stop enthusing about the project. 'It's going to be the biggest film series of all time,' he told us." [More]

Sorry fellas...Liv's taken

2/20/01, 3:09 pm EST - Calisuri

From Mr. Showbiz.com:

Liv Tyler (Arwen) engaged

Liv Tyler is reportedly getting hitched to her rock-and-roll beau, Royston Langdon, lead singer and bass player for the group Spacehog, according to Fox News' Roger Friedman. [More]

Welcome Elfenomeno.com!

2/20/01, 2:04 pm EST - Calisuri

TheOneRing.net Fan Community is proud to welcome Elfenomeno.com!

\[ Visit the Site \]

This premiere LotR Spanish site has everything you could want from a LotR movie site; A great design and wonderful content makes it the best place to go for spanish LotR news. Be sure to drop by and welcome them to our community.

[ Visit Elfenomeno.com ]

Lurtz scene update

2/20/01, 1:09 am EST - Calisuri

Ringer spy Suomynona sends in a small, yet interesting, update to our earlier story on Lawrence Makoare and the Lurtz scene. SPOILERS[More]

Check out the cool stuff at Fantasypewter.com!!!!

2/20/01, 12:12 am EST - Gamgee

Ever wanted a goblet that looked exactly like an Ent? How about a beautiful Tolkien chess set?!? How about checking out their BRAND NEW Gollum/Smeagol Goblet! [More]

News for Feb. 19, 2001

We now know who Lurtz is. MAJOR SPOILERS

2/19/01, 4:51 pm EST - Calisuri

Okay, be prepared. This is major spoiler material. Gloin has managed to sneak us some great info which will tell us who Lurtz is, and some added information that some might consider EXTREME SPOILERS. [More]

Lurtz the Uruk-Hai

2/19/01, 2:12 pm EST - Calisuri

Many fans have been writing with more ideas on the casting of Jay Laga'aia and the ensuing confusion. While this is PURE speculation, maybe Laga'aia will be playing "Lurtz," the Uruk-Hai mentioned in the Toy Biz assortment toy packs. Who is Lurtz? Your guess is as good as ours, but we do know that he is not a Tolkien character. And yes, we are STILL trying to confirm or deny the Laga'aia/Lees situation.

New Line Image Gallery

2/19/01, 1:04 pm EST - Calisuri

When the official website opened, we posted a slew of images in the New Line Scrapbook Gallery. These are clear versions of the opaque and faded images found in the flash version of the site. So take a look see, you might be surprised at what you find! SPOILERS [More]

News for Feb. 18, 2001

Laga'aia is UGLUK? - update

2/18/01, 4:19 pm EST - Calisuri

Well, this is the beauty of web news! Matt, who initially sent TheForce.net the Laga'aia casting news, just emailed us with news Jay Laga'aia will be playing Ugluk in the upcoming films. For the last 1/2 a year, we thought Nathaniel Lees was cast in this role. Confused? We are too! We are gathering info right now and will report back ASAP.

After some more research, we are without any new information. E!Online, IMDB.com and other sources list Nathaniel Lees as Ugluk. I have also contacted a few folks in the industry and have come up with the standard 'non answer.'

Some theories have popped up on how this situation could arrise. One suggests that both Lees and Laga'aia are playing Ugluk at different stages of the movie. After all, they are heavily covered with make-up. Another theory suggests Lees was let go from the production and Laga'aia took his place. This second theory does not hold water, considering the news worthy nature of anyone leaving the cast.

We'll continue to search for answers!

Hall of Fire discussions for 2/24 & 2/25 to focus on fan work

2/18/01, 2:40 pm EST - Tookish

We'll depart from the debate format to look at Tolkien fan creations. More details here! And don't foget, FotR chats continue on 3/3 & 3/4. More soon!

MediaWatch: 'Lord of the Rings' gets big Web push

2/18/01, 10:58 am EST - Calisuri

The Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune has an article detailing the large amount of web promotion for the upcoming LOTR Movies. [More]

News for Feb. 17, 2001

Cast news! Jay Laga'aia

2/17/01, 7:05 pm EST - Calisuri

According to a fan from TheForce.net, Jay Laga'aia will be cast in the role of a 'lead' Uruk-Hai in the upcoming movies. Laga'aia is already cast as Captain Typho in Star Wars Episode II. Should this rumor be confirmed, he would be the third cast member (the others being Christopher Lee and Marton Csokas) to be in both LOTR and Star Wars. We will be attempting to find out more about this story over the weekend. [More]

The Mouth of Sauron: A closer look at his mouth

2/17/01, 6:31 pm EST - Calisuri

Ringer fan Aaron T sent us a zoomed in version of the Mouth of Sauron pic. Boy, that mouth...ick! SPOILERS [More]

MediaWatch: Online Sun UK

2/17/01, 6:03 pm EST - Calisuri

Nona, from the Compleat Sean Bean, has sent us news of an article in the online saturday edition of Online Sun UK. Its a picture special, so it has some nice images from the teaser trailer and other places. SPOILERS [More]

Fellowship of the Ring Live Chats February 17 & 18

2/17/01, 5:54 pm EST - Tookish

The Hall of Fire announces
chapter by chapter chats of The Fellowship of the Ring

More details here. It's the Tolkien reading group you've always wanted... from now right up to the Fellowship's movie debut in December... with all the comforts of your own little smial... First timers welcome!

Chat begins in about one hour from this post!

News for Feb. 16, 2001

New pics/video of Aragorn, Arwen and GOLLUM?!

2/16/01, 11:04 pm EST - Xoanon

TheOneRing.net has uncovered some footage (RealPlayer) from what looks like the internet preview, but this time there seems to be new shots or Aragorn, Arwen, and most surprising of all GOLLUM?!

While we at TORN have our doubts about the validity of these news shots in the preview (I once added myself into scenes from The Hunt for Red October), you can be the judge for yourself and take a look right here! [More]


Report on Footage from Toy Fair

2/16/01, 10:51 pm EST - Calisuri

Thanks to Ringer fan Elestivine, we have a report from this year's Toy Fair. [More]


Lord of the Tie-ins and news of the Video Release!

2/16/01, 8:08 pm EST - Calisuri

Ringer fan Krosshair sends us a one page scan from the Feb 12th of Advertising Age Magazine. [More]

The article talks about the marketing strategy for the movies, but also has this little gem:

"New Line hopes the video release in summer 2002 will also appeal to the 4 to 7 year-old demographic."

We have heard this before as a rumor, but it seems we have some confirmation with this casual mention. I don't know about you, but I haven't even seen the movie and I'm already drooling over owning the DVD! :)

DarkHorizons: LOTR One Sheet End of March

2/16/01, 7:42 pm EST - Calisuri

Garth over at DarkHorizons is reporting that the teaser 1 sheet for Lord of the Rings will be out be the end of March. [More]

Cinescape.com: Footage Screened at Toy Fair

2/16/01, 5:49 pm EST - Calisuri

Cinescape is reporting today of a LotR screening at last weeks Toy Fair. From the description of the 5 minutes of footage, it sounds like most of this is new! [More]

If you happen to have seen this footage, send us a report! :)

AICN Poll: SW and LOTR

2/16/01, 4:29 pm EST - Calisuri

AICN asks, "Which are you personally looking forward to more? LORD OF THE RINGS or STAR WARS prequels." Wow, thats a tough one. Go vote! [Vote]

Thanks to Hrólfur the Ent for sending in the news, and also check out our good folks at TheForce.net for Star Wars news.

First Mouth of Sauron pic!

2/16/01, 12:16 am EST - Calisuri

Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to find! Well, eventhough this has been there for weeks, Ringer fan Jason sent us an email tonight with what looks to be the first image of Bruce Spence as the Mouth of Sauron! The picture can be found in the production/make-up section of the official site. [More]

News for Feb. 15, 2001

New BarliBash Section Added!

2/15/01, 11:48 pm EST - Jincey

So many folks are asking about the upcoming gathering of Barliman's denizens that we thought it would be cool to add a new page that will give all the current details at the click of a mouse. Curunir has fixed us up with an informative, entertaining look at all the plans that are shaping up. [More]

FotR Chats February 17 & 18!

2/15/01, 9:16 pm EST - Tookish

The Hall of Fire announces
chapter by chapter chats of The Fellowship of the Ring

More details here. It's the Tolkien reading group you've always wanted... from now right up to the Fellowship's movie debut in December... with all the comforts of your own little smial... First timers welcome!

Denethor and Faramir Pictures at the Official Site

2/15/01, 5:05 pm EST - Calisuri

The official movie site has added pictures of Denethor (John Noble) and Faramir (David Wenham) to its list of cast. [Denethor Image] [Faramir Image]

Not Eisldorff. Isildur

2/15/01, 2:45 pm EST - Calisuri

After a flurry of emails, we can say with 99% accuracy that Harry Sinclair will play the role of Isildur in the upcoming LotR films. When the word was said in the IGN interview, it sounded like Eisldorff, but in fact was Isildur. That ends that debate...hopefully!

A little interesting side note to add her, Harry Sinclair, th kiwi we think who will play Isildur, is also the director of the new Karl Urban (Eomer) comedy 'The Price of Milk'. [More]

The Toys! New York Daily News

2/15/01, 2:04 pm EST - Calisuri

Thanks to Ringer fan John for sending us these two links from today's New York Daily News.

'Rings' of Desire: The Toys Fans Will Yearn For: Here's what to expect later this year on the "Lord of the Rings" toy shelf: Action Figure Twin Pack Assortment — Boromir vs. Uruk-Hai, Galadriel and Frodo, and Merry and Pippin. Available in August, $12.99... [More]

Fun Starts Before the Film : The movie version of "The Lord of the Rings" arrives in December, but the Frodo action figures hit toy stores in August. [More]

Eisldorff Who? - update

2/15/01, 10:10 am EST - Calisuri

Just a little while ago, we reported on an IGN story that said Harry Sinclair will be playing Eisldorff in the upcoming movies. The character is explained as an ancestor of Aragorn. I was just talking with Ringer Staff member Leo (http://www.lordoftherings.nl) while in Barlimans, and we can't seem to place any character in all of Tolkien's work by that name.

However, many fans have written in to suggest "Eisldorff" is bad phonetic spelling of "Isildur." This is very possible, and hopefully Spence D. (the IGN interviewer) will get back to me with confirmation of this mistake.

FilmForce pics of LotR Posters

2/15/01, 8:29 am EST - Calisuri

Fellow IGN affiliate, Filmforce, has posted posters from Decipher's Lord of the Rings card trading game. Take a tip from the fans Decipher, you should really sell those things! They look marvellous! [More]

Breaking Bread With Denizens of Middle-Earth

2/15/01, 8:22 am EST - Calisuri

Our very own IGN.com has posted an interview with Karl Urban (Eomer) and Harry Sinclair (the Butcher in Peter Jackson's BrainDead). It turns out, Robert will have a three line role in the LotR movies as Eisldorff, an ancestor of Aragorn. Sounds pretty interesting! [More]

News for Feb. 14, 2001

Orlando Bloom cast in Ridley Scott's new film!

2/14/01, 10:57 pm EST - Gamgee

It seems that our Orlando Bloom aka. Legolas is taking Hollywood by storm! Bloom has been cast in Ridley Scott's new war drama "Black Hawk Down". Based on Mark Bowden's 1999 novel of the same name, principal photography is slated to begin on Feb. 23rd. Thanks to staff member Pippin Took for the tip! [More]

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