On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the trailer?
What did you think of the music used in the trailer?
Perfect! It was excellent! 
The music fit the trailer well 
It was okay, but there were too many different themes 
Didn't like it. I hope they won't use it in the film 
Music? There was music? 
none of these 
What was your most memorable moment of the trailer?
The Nazgul swooping down on Minas Tirith  Gollum seeing the Ring and saying 'come to Smeagol'  
Gandalf on the walls of Minas Tirith watching the enemy arrive  Aragorn receiving Anduril 
The Nazgul decimating Riders outside Minas Tirith  Shelob chasing Frodo 
The Riders of Rohan looking down on the Pelennor Fields  Aragorn in front of the Black Gate 
Gandalf riding towards the Nazgul at Pelennor Fields  Sam screaming 'Noooo' at the Cracks of Doom 
Aragorn entering The Paths of the Dead  Gollum's 'evil look' directed at Sam 
Eomer holding Eowyn  Gandalf walking among the smokey battlefield 
Merry's words to Pippin  Eowyn removing her helmet. 
none of these 
What did you think of the dialogue?
Well crafted to capture the mood 
Very good, no cheesy or ghastly lines 
Not enough direct quotes from the Book 
Horrible. Who came up with this stuff? 
none of these 
Who did you miss?
Denethor  Faramir 
More Gimli  More Merry and Pippin 
Saruman/Isengard  Grima Wormtongue 
The Mouth of Sauron  Ghan-buri-ghan 
I can't wait to see more...
Minas Tirith 
Pelennor Fields 
Sam and Frodo in Mordor 
Paths of the Dead 
Ride of the Rohirrim 
none of these 
Who do you think is reforging Anduril?
Elrond's Sons 
Random Elf and Man 
none of these 
Someone else:  
What do you think of Shelob? (based on the small snippet we have seen of Her)
Shelob Rocks! 
Wowza, She's scary! 
She is exactly like I imagined Her 
She looks okay, but I need to see more 
Just looks likes the average huge spider to me 
I was disappointed 
I've seen scarier spiders in my garage 
none of these 
Was Minas Tirith impressive enough for you?
No I thought it would be bigger 
It's exactly as I hoped it would be 
Heck yeah! Looks awesome! 
That was Minas Tirith? 
I can't wait for the LEGO-version of it to be released 
none of these 
What was your least favorite thing about the trailer?
I didn't like the music  It lacked a big climax 
It all went too fast  It was too Aragorn-centered 
I didn't see The Mouth of Sauron  It was too spoilerish 
Too much CG (computer graphics)  Actually, I loved it all, and had no least favorite part 
none of these  Something else...  
Complete the following sentence: The Return of the King trailer...
is an evil, evil thing. I can't wait until December 17th! 
greatly disappointed me. I'm not sure I'm going to see the movie now. 
assures me that ROTK will be just as good as FOTR and TTT. It might even be better! 
increased my expectations to an unrealistic level. 
changed my life. I have been reborn. 
got me fired at work because i was caught watching it. 
earned me detention at school because i was caught downloading it. 
ruined my weekend as I tried to keep up with the hourly updates on TORn 
ruined my weekend because it stunk so bad. 
Somewhere else...  
Do you like TORn Surveys? Should we do more?
yes  no  no opinion 
Are you going to participate in a Line Party for Trilogy Tuesday or the premiere of ROTK in your local cinema?
Yes, i wouldn't miss it! 
No, I'm not that into it 
Trilogy Tuesday? What's that? 
I don't know yet 
I didn't get tickets for Trilogy Tuesday, but I will be participating in a line party for another cinema 
I didn't get tickets for Trilogy Tuesday, so I won't be going to any line party © 2003