Please answer each question to the best of your ability.

* 1. Last year, The Two Towers: One Party location size was...
Too much space - I felt I missed out on some activities  Just Perfect!  
Much too small - I didn't feel I could escape the crowd  I did not attend 
* 2. Last year, The Two Towers: One Party crowd size was...
Too large  Just Perfect!  
Much too small  I did not attend 
* 3. How likely are you to attend 'The Return of the One Party?'
Very likely 
Moderately likely 
Not likely 
Please select 2 options.
* 4. Please choose what ticket purchasing options you would most like to see implemented.
Order tickets online  Order tickets via phone  Order tickets via fax 
Will-call - pick up tickets at the door  Tickets delivered previous to event  Fancy collector-quality ticket 
Standard event ticket 
* 5. What time will you arrive at the Party?
3-4 PM  4-5 PM  5-6 PM 
6-7 PM  7-8 PM  8-9 PM 
9-10 PM  10PM - 11PM  11-Midnight 
Please select the 2 answers that apply to you the most.
* 6. How will you arrive at the Party?
Rent a Car  Rent a Limousine 
Carpool with Friend  Walk (if hotel is next door) 
Los Angeles Metro (Subway or Bus)  Taxi Cab 
Hotel Shuttles (if available)  Other:  
Please choose 3
* 7. Rank the three most important issues when choosing a hotel.
Quality hotel with all the amentities, price is not the issue  A moderately priced hotel with a few amenities 
A decent hotel for a bargain price, willing to give on a few amenities  Bargain Hunting, need the lowest priced hotel within the same zip code 
Proximity to Southern California tourist attractions  Proximity to the Party Venue 
Proximity to the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held  Proximity to other Night Life 
Please choose at least 2 options
* 8. What seating arrangement do you approve of most?
First come, first serve  One assigned seat per guest 
One assigned seat per guest based on ticket purchase order  One seat per guest during Oscar Broadcast, then remove the seats for dancing 
The possiblity of paying extra for closer assigned seating  Other: 
Please choose 3 options
* 9. Of the following dining options, which would you prefer the most?
Sit Down Dinner  Hor d' Ouerve, Buffet Style 
Loads of Deserts  Lots of variety 
A completely open bar  Free soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc 
Free beer and wine 
* 10. Would you like silent auction items to be open to Internet participants?
yes  no  no opinion 
* 11. If available, would you participate in an online auction for VIP tickets?
yes  no  no opinion 
* 12. What time will you leave the Party?
3-4 PM  4-5 PM  5-6 PM 
6-7 PM  7-8 PM  8-9 PM 
9-10 PM  10PM - 11PM  11-Midnight 
Late...real late! 
  13. Please provide us with any additional information or suggestions for the Party © 2003