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The Offical Lord of the Rings Movie Site
The Tolkienist
Houghton Mifflin Co
Houghton Mifflin Co LOTR Page
Gateway to Middle Earth
Tolkien Archives
Silmaril.net: Tolkien Resources
The Encyclopedia of Arda
Tolkien Information Page
Grey Havens
Master's Hall
Night Gem
Tolkien Time line
The Scrolls of Orthanc
Tolkien Site
The Shire
Isildur's Lair
Gandalf's Cave
Mongovar Tolkien
Incanus' Middle-Earth Pages
Tales From Cirith Ungol
Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth
Middle-earth Voices
The Tolkien Shop
My Precious
MeduseldBrand New!
Middle Earth Tours
One Ring
#3 Bagshot Row
Tolkien Collector
Tolkien's Haven
TerraMedia - Brazil
The Old Forest (Den Gamla Skogen)
Shadows of Mirkwood
Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"
Calacirya - the pass of light
Lord Of The Rings Page
The Dark Tower
Minas Ithil: Tolkien Multimedia
The Old Forest (Den Gamla Skogen)
The Tolkien Trail
Planet Tolkien
The House of Cardolan
The Tolkien Fanfiction Archive
My Precious (FLASH PAGE)
The barrow downs
Silver Cobwebs
Mordor... The Land of Shadow
The Mines of Moria
Rotten Tomatoes.com

Rolozo Tolkien
Oxford Tolkien Society
Tolkien Picture Gallery
The Halls of Tolkien
Demon image archive

Argentinian Tolkien Association (Spanish)
German Tolkien Society
FTP Society Listings
Czech Tolkien Society
Stockholm Tolkien Society
Internet Tolkien Book Society
Mythopoeic Society
The Tolkien Society
Dutch Tolkien society Unquendor
Yahoo Club
Society Tolkeniana Italiana
The Hobbit Society

Elendor Mush
The Trilogy Page - Tolkien RPG
Tolkien War Games
Tolkien Game Listing
Tolkien MUDs and other online games
Other Hands
Tolkien Board Games
Middle Earth play-by-mail
Tolkien Wordsearch
MERP product list
Goblin's Dungeon
Basement GamesBrand New!

Elfling List
Tolkien Language List
Tolkien Linguistics Webring

The Hypertextualized Tolkien FAQ

Tirith Model Castle
Mithril Miniatures
MIddle Earth Toys
Terragon's Palantir

Caltanet - Italian
Pagina de la lista Tolkien
La Comunidad del Anillo - en Espanol
Middle Earth - Turkey
Tolkien A- - Sweden
Mindon Eporedax - Czech
Tolkien Biography - French
Cornelias Tolkien Page - Denmark
Bilbo's Page
Arda-at-Nowhere (russian)
Annals of Arda
TerraMedia - Brazil
The Old Forest (Den Gamla Skogen)
A Sociedade do Anel - Tolkien by Spellbrasil
Hisweloke - Le Dragon de Brume
The Old Forest (Den Gamla Skogen)
Book Lists

FTP Tolkien Book List
Concise Listing of Tolkien Books
Shire Lyceum Book Shop

Fraud of the Rings
Great Tolkien Fonts!
Mirror Of Galadriel
Tolkien Fonts
Stairway to Middle Earth
Tolkien Sarcasm Page
Songs of Middle Earth
NZ Newpaper listing
A Guide To Tolkien Discussion on the Web
The Times/The Sunday Times (NZ)
Rankin/Bass Hobbit
Jason Carter 4 Aragorn
LOTR Fanfiction Webring
Search Engines


Lord of the Rings Webring
The Women of Tolkien
The LotR Movies Webring
Hobbits of the Shire
LOTR Fanfiction Webring
Tolkien Linguistics Webring
LOTR Fanfiction Webring
Tolkien Discussion

Shire Discussion
The Green Dragon
LOTR Movie Pages

LOTR Movies Page
Gateway to Middle Earth
Imladris: Lord Of The Rings Movie News
LOTR Movie Accuracy Page
LOTR Movie News Site
The Movie Zone Lord of the Rings Site
Ringbearer at Fandom.com
Tolkien Online
Lord of the Rings movie FAQ
Tol Galen
Tolkiens Middle Earth
The Realm Of The Ring
Shadows of Mirkwood
The Mouth of Sauron- UPDATED!
Mines of Moria
Lotr-Movie.comBrand New!
Movie Links

WETA Ltd. - Visual Effects
AICN - Ain't It Cool News
The Reel Site
The Bastards Have Landed - Peter Jackson Site
Dark Horizons
Internet Movie Database
Pippin's Movie Page
Peter Jackson Online
Special Effects in LOTR movies
Charlie's Intergalactic Cafe
The Big List of Movie Mistakes

Eowyn Online

Fan Misc

Celestial-Star Productions
The Tolkien Reader
Lord of the Rings MIDI Files
Tolkien Site Lists

The Tolkien Site List
One Ring
25 Hobbits

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