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TORN #297

February 11th, 2006

Here is the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Rings Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

Incident at LOTR Concert in Lyon, France
Conductor Terry Edwards collapsed on stage minutes into his performance of
the LOTR score in France. Emergency teams were soon on the scene but there
was no news on his condition and the audience was asked to leave. We hope
that it is not too serious and that he makes a quick recovery. Good luck to
him and our best wishes to his family and friends.

Lord of the Brush DVD Available Now
>From lordofthebrush.com: Lord of the Brush DVD is now available in both
English and French - Le Seigneur des Pinceaux. Be the first to have your own
movie party!

UK'S Fellowship Festival Cancelled
Lady Tinania writes: After months of speculation, aaaevents have notified
fans that there will be no Fellowship Festival in 2006, disappointing fans
here in the UK. In a letter on their website, aaaevents confirmed that,
despite being backed by New Line, there would be no Festival this year, but
thanked their supporters and the cast and crew . This puts an end to months
of speculation and hearsay about the future of the event, which has brought
many Lord of the Rings and Tolkien fans to London in the past two years. It
is hoped that this will not be the last Lord of the Rings con in the UK.
Visit www.aaaevents.co.uk for the full story.

Toronto's Lord of the Rings musical a hit, say fans
TORONTO (CP) - Despite a two-day delay to fine-tune the production and some
first-night mistakes, theatregoers say the new Lord of the Rings musical has
been worth the wait. The Toronto show had its first preview performance on
Saturday night and the diehard Lord of the Rings fans in attendance gave it
rave reviews. Twenty-five-year-old Leah Hashimoto said she's read all the
books, seen all the movies and still her high expectations were met. The
mistakes Saturday night actually made the experience more memorable, she

First LOTR Musical Review!
Vincent writes: Well I just saw the premiere THE LORD OF THE RING musical in
Toronto. I must say it was quite the project to undertake given the amount
of material and story depth. Overall I must say I was quite impressed with
the way that it was portrayed. Most of the actors did an admirable job
especially those of the Hobbits.

Palantir Visions (Things seen from beyond the front page)

Coming Soon

February 13th: Sean Astin on "24" (Fox)
February 15th: Dominic Monaghan on "Lost" (ABC)
February 17th: Viggo Mortensen Booksigning: New York, NY

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TORN's Own Books:

The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien

The People's Guide is written by five contributing writers of
TheOneRing.net -- the leading fan website devoted to Tolkien, his books, his
lore, the New Line Cinema movies, and the fan community that centers on
Middle-earth. TheOneRing.net has always been distinguished by the quality of
the original articles appearing on its Green Books and Tehanu's Notes pages.
This book adapts some of the most popular articles on the TheOneRing.net as
well as offering readers completely new articles that are not available

More People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien

Following last year's successful The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien, this
volume continues in the best tradition of Green Books and Tehanu's Notes to
explore the words and worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien through essays, Q&A from
readers, and interviews with special guests.

The Tolkien Fan's Medieval Reader, edited by Turgon

Over the years Tolkien's fondness for and indebtedness to medieval
literature has often been mentioned. His special devotion to older Germanic
literature, including Beowulf and the Eddas, has long been known, for as a
professor he taught these works in addition to teaching the languages in
which they were written. This anthology has been compiled in the hope of
sharing the pleasures of these -- and other -- classics of medieval
literature that were part of Tolkien's professional life and inspirations to
him in his creative work.

Ongoing EXCLUSIVES from “Ringers: Lord of the Fans”

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exciting project, you can follow post-production and get EXCLUSIVE
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