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A New Documentary produced in association with TheOneRing.net - 'Ringers"
see below


TORN #193

Monday October 6th, 2003

Here is the weekly newsletter! Enjoy!

Rings Roundup (Top headlines of major interest)

Fox's Friedman Sees 20mins of ROTK!
Roger Friedman writes: Early last evening I got to see about 20 minutes from
“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” Peter Jackson’s third and
final installment in his epic rendering of the Tolkien books.

EXCLUSIVE: First look at Trilogy Tuesday Theater List!
You've asked for it, and we finally got it! The official Lord of the Rings
Website (http://www.lordoftherings.net) has given TORn the first look at the
lucky theaters that will partake in the 'Trilogy Tuesday' celebrations. What
is Trilogy Tuesday? How about watching The Fellowship of the Ring Extended
Edition, followed by The Two Towers Extended Edition, followed by the 11pm
Dec 16th start of The Return of the King!

SHOP: Sideshow/Weta Reposts Cave Troll Statue
Sideshow/Weta Collectibles has sent us a notice that a small amount of the
limited edition Cave Troll Polystone Figures are back in stock. This item
was previously Sold Out, so if you missed out the first time, here is your
chance to get it!

EA Releases ROTK Teaser!
Check out Electronic Arts' teaser for The Return of the King video game!
Larger versions of the teaser are available at the Official EA website.

Celeb Charades Reports!
A few days ago we reported that Billy Boyd (Pippin), Dominic Monaghan
(Merry) and Elijah Wood (Frodo) would be helping out a charity in NYC by
participating in 'Celebrity Charades'. Well a few lucky Ringers managed to
get tickets, here are the reports!

Go...download! Destroy someone else's bandwidth for a change!! Enjoy!!!

The RoTK Trailer - Frame By Frame
Now that we have a version of decent quality, TORn has put together a
Frame-by-Frame analysis of all the action. And while we're still uncertain
of a few things, much that was hidden has suddenly become clearer to the
eye. See for yourself! [More] !!!MAJOR SPOILERS!!! Updated yet again!

Palantir Visions (Things seen from beyond the front page)


October 5th: David Wenham to be on Rove Live Channel 10 in Oz
October 7th: Jon Labrie Speaks at Content World
October 9th: Grand Valley State University is having a 24 hour marathon
October 9th: Cate Blanchett to appear on 'The Tonight Show'
October 10th: Sean Astin's 'Jeremiah' Premiere
October 11th: Cate Blanchett to be on 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

TORN's Own Book: The People's Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien

Cold Spring Press is pleased to announce its new book "The People's Guide to
J.R.R. Tolkien." This book of essays fills the void between the release of
the second and third Lord of the Rings movies. Passionate, ardent,
well-informed, and unlike any other book on the subject, this is an
indispensable handbook for people who consider themselves experts -- or who
wish to become experts -- on the lore of Middle-earth and the man who made
the myths.

A New Documentary produced in association with TheOneRing.net - 'Ringers"
see below

TheOneRing.net, in association with Planet BB, is turning the spotlight on
the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien in a new feature-length documentary titled
"Ringers: Lord of the Fans." Yes, this is a film about YOU, the FANS!

Pre-Order TTT Extended Edition!

We all want the regular ole theatrical edition of The Two Towers. But the
prize this year is going to be The Two Towers extended edition DVD
Collector's boxed set, featuring the exclusive Gollum statue from
Sideshow/Weta Collectibles. And guess what folks!? It went on pre-sale today
at Amazon.com. I'm sure more retailers will be posting links shortly, but in
the meantime, we have posted an in-depth look at what the Extended Edition
will contain, both speculation and confirmed added scenes. Check out our
complete Extended Edition coverage!


TheOneRing.net is happy to announce we are finally 'selling' our own ad
space on all pages of TheOneRing.net. If you are interested in reaching the
largest audience of Tolkien fans online, visit our advertising page. No
campaign is too short and no business is too small to advertise.

Do YOU Have Any Cool Contest Ideas?

We're always looking for interesting contests to have fun with all the LOTR
goodies we get everyday. Do you want to submit your ideas and see them come
to life?! Send along any ideas to gamgee@theonering.net and who knows! You
may just win a prize from a contest you invented!

Scouring of the Site (Breakdown of our various sections)

-Barlimans- is more than a place to get your mead! There is the Fun Section,
Regulars Map and Photo Gallery, and of course the gateway to our ever famous
MIRC Chatroom!
GOTO: http://theonering.net/barlimans/index.html

-Gaming Havens- is keeping all you gamers up to date on the latest
RPG/Fantasy/Sci-Fi games out there. Check it out daily for gaming news.
GOTO: http://haven.theonering.net/index.shtml

-The Official Peter Jackson Fanclub (TBHL)- The Lord of the Rings Director's
very own fanclub! Stop on by to learn more about the man, the myth, the
beard. If you are a Peter Jackson fan, then 'TBHL' is the place for you!
GOTO: http://tbhl.theonering.net/index.shtml

-Green Books- Not to be confused with the Red Book of Westmarch, we are just
pilgrims on the Tolkien trail, exploring the history, people, and events of
all the ages of Middle-earth, the Blessed Realm, and the lands that lie
beneath the wave. Whether you need to know more about the Elvish languages,
find out what new editions of old favorites are coming to market, read
in-depth commentary on Tolkien’s thematic elements, or peruse fan-submitted
original works or humor, Ostadan, Turgon, Quickbeam, Anwyn, and Tookish have
a little something for everyone. In addition, Green Books is home to the
overwhelmingly popular Questions & Answers. If you have a Tolkien question,
conundrum, wonderment, or puzzler, the Green Books staff will rise to your
GOTO: http://greenbooks.theonering.net/index.shtml

-The Tolkien community- never looked so good! Come and check out our listing
of over 20 subsites hosted by TheOneRing.net! We've got everything from
Rolozo Tolkien, with almost EVERY Middle-earth image ever created, to our FX
section, devoted to the magic of motion picture special effects. As well as
a host of foreign language sites!
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/sites/index.html

-Our Tolkien Fan- section is just for you! From the site design to all the
stories and text is designed by you the fans of Tolkien and TheOneRing.net!
GOTO: http://fan.theonering.net/index.shtml

-Shop.theonering.net- is THE place to find all your Tolkien items available
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