8-18-01 Latest News

Fellowship of the Ring Completed
Strider @ 3:01 pm EST

The latest buzz on the internet over the last couple of days is whether or not there really is a final cut of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings out there. Well, judging by the past week's events the Fellowship is a completed film.

First, three weeks ago the Fellowship of the Ring trailer was finally released in Irish theaters. You may be wondering what's so important about that? Well, my fellows Irish Ringers will know that for a trailer to be released in Ireland, the completed film must first be viewed by the Irish Film Board. Therefore, for the trailer to be showing in Ireland, this indicates that someone has been shown the final cut of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Secondly, we reported here last week that the Hollywood Reporter revealed exclusively that morning that the Fellowship of the Ring had been rated PG-13 for "epic battle sequences and some scary images" by the MPAA. Two days later, we received a mail from Lord G to tell us that the representative from the MPAA went onto this message board and revealed his/her knowledge on the subject, supporting the claim that there is a finished version out there.

And finally, today AintItCoolNews backed up our report from last week that the Fellowship of the Ring has received a PG-13 rating, and that there is a finished 2 hour 45 minute print locked away in a safe somewhere...

So the evidence seems pretty convincing: The Fellowship of the Ring is out there and ready for the world's eyes! Suddenly December doesn't seem so long away.