7-24-01 Latest News

United Airlines Six-Page Spread!
Tookish @ 6:18 pm EST

From Ringer Noah:

Recent trip on United Airlines was completely frustrating except for the story in their complimentary magazine Hemispheres - July 2001. A four page article on LOTR entitled "Making Middle-Earth". There was very little of interest to dedicated fans of this site with one major exception: An interview with John Howe and his role in the movies that can be found online. Click on Cyber Sidebar at the bottom and choose the John Howe story, (duh). More

...the 4 page story it mostly focuses on Tolkien, the books, Jackson, and anything else that won't give out info on the films themselves. :-P

The only new graphic was a map of New Zealand showing where Hobbiton, Mordor, Rivendell, Helms Deep, Minas Tirith, Edoras, Lothlorien, and Pelennor Fields were filmed.

Guess what, I saw the article on my way to Comic-Con! I thought it was well written and very comprehensive, especially for people reading this news for the first time. Also quoted in this article, our very own Tehanu sheds some insight on how Tolkien was able to produce such magical work. Scans to come!