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Liv Tyler talks about LOTR - and Cate
Tehanu @ 6:47 am EST

Rallas sent us this report from an Aussie paper:

I've just finished reading a full page article (with picture) from an Australian Daily newspaper concerning an interview with Cate Blanchette. In the article there are several quotes from other actors (Tyler, Bean) and PJ. The interesting one is from Tyler:

"She's absolutely, hands down, probably my favourite actress and I loved to watch her", Tyler said at the film's worldwide media launch in Cannes. "It was wonderful, although we only had one scene together, to get to meet her and be together. She's an amazing woman".

Interesting as, if I remember correctly, Arwen doesn't meet her grandmother at all in the books! Another small change to the story..."

I don't do my best postings round midnight. People wrote to say that Galadriel and Arwen do indeed meet, near the end. Galadriel attends the wedding and afterwards rides some way with the company.

It's sitll interesting to speculate what scene they're written for since Tolkien didn't write any scenes between them - or am I misremembering there too?Arwen and Galadriel together. We've seen a lot of pictures of Arwen dashing round on horses and holding weapons. Now here's some evidence at least for some scenes that might be less physical and more emotional. It occurs to me that the Tolkien newbies watching the movies won't know about Arwen's loss of immortality if she chooses to stay with Aragorn. Either it gets mentioned in passing, or they can write a new scene (and why not between Galadriel and Arwen?) that reveals the seriousness of Arwen's choice.