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CANNES: New Line Finally Speaks
Xoanon @ 8:58 am EST

New Line is letting a little out of the box with some news regarding LOTR and Cannes 2001. Read the following report, via Cinescape.com.

'Rings' Footage at Cannes

While at the Cannes International Film Festival, New Line Cinema is looking to strongly promote their coming Lord of the Rings production. As part of this plan, the studio has announced that they will be previewing selected footage from all three of the coming films for those in attendance. Previous rumors have suggested that a full trailer for Fellowship of the Ring may also be in the offing.

Regarding this big push, in an official press release from the studio Rolf Mittweg, President of Distribution and Marketing, is quoted as saying, "Cannes will serve as our official worldwide media launch for The Lord of the Rings. As the global press converge on the Croissette, New Line will pull out all the stops to ensure that movie fans everywhere discover the first installment of this epic cinematic event."