1-01-01 Latest News

Happy New Year!
Tookish @ 3:14 pm EST

On our behalf we'd like to thank you for making this an amazing year for us and Tolkien on the internet. If you're home tonight or surfing around on 1/1/01 I thought I'd put together a few links recapping some amazing stories and scenes for your pleasure.

You might start with good ole Harry's reports from his trip to see the last week of LotR filming, then move on to check out our HUGE treasure trove of pictures and images from the films. Or here's quick access to headlines and articles of recent and past movie news. You also might like the Official Peter Jackson fan club website or our very own (soon to be updated) LotR movie FAQ.

We know 2001 will end with a bang, and we hope the rest of the year is good to you too!