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Glaurung Super Spy Tips
Calisuri @ 4:15 pm EST

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When Glaurung is on location in the backwaters of New Zealand, he depends on Kathmandu to keep him safe from the natural elements - theres nothing better for keeping you cozy and snug out in the boondocks. Whether you're cast or crew, ringer spy or just some hick who took a wrong turn - get into the polary fleece from Kathmandu - you won't regret it!

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And what better way to look styley when its time to clean the car. You know what its like, you've spent hours on county roads searching for hobbits, and your car is just filthy with dust and dirt. But don't dispair, help is close at hand! Mr Sheen is the new way to get your dark lord all sparkling and new. But don't take our word for it - pick up a bottle today!

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