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TheOneRing.net Sponsorships: May Update
Calisuri @ 12:07 EST

At the moment, TheOneRing.net is sponsoring two causes with the income from those little ad banners you see at the top of most of our pages. One of them is book-related, the Duffy 'Books in Homes' scheme, and the other is environmental, being a part of the Worldwide Fund for Nature's campaign to protect endangered marine species.

A few weeks ago the school we sponsor, Runanga, got the free books the children there had picked out. The school principal wrote:

"What a fantastic day...our children received their books. It was fantastic. We had Graeme Thorne, the ex-All Black, as our Role model. We also had the paper here so hopefully we will have some publicity."

The Duffy programme gets famous people, usually sports stars, to come and be Role Models and tell kids that reading is a cool thing to do. In New Zealand, the All Blacks are like, well, think of whatever the most famous sportsteam is in your country, that's what the All Blacks are here. They wear the famous black jersey, hence the name.

"Thanks again for the fantastic sponsorship. We are so grateful to you and your friends.

Our second charity, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, is using our donation to help with their Marine Environment Campaign, and they sent this recently:

"...I would just like to let you know that with regard to the marine environment we are continuing our important work with the North Island Hector's Dolphin, the world's smallest and rarest marine mammal (there are thought to be only approximately 100 left). We are planning to expand the work to include hands-on recovery programmes which will include community participation and leading edge science. Once the details are finalised I will fill you in on the proposal, we are planning to use the support from TheOneRing.net to assist with this project."

So, that's the latest news from our sponsorship programme.

- Tehanu