10-11-06 Latest News

Signed LOST Poster & Awesome RINGERS Props Auction!
Xoanon @ 7:49 pm EST

LOST fans unite! Here is your chance to get 6 cast & crew autographs all at one time, on a huge 40" x 27" promo poster!

We enjoyed making fun of the over-the-top LOTR merchandising in our Mariachi Sing-Along, as seen in the award-winning indie documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, and now several original, authentic toys and props shot for B-roll in the film are offered on eBay! Though many items were filmed for the segment on a soundstage, not all made the final cut, but many are now permanently etched in indie film history.

Check out this sequence from the film (Quicktime required) and join the auctions!

Small file [100kps]
Large file [800kps]

The entire series of RINGERS eBay auctions are found here:

EXCLUSIVE Autographed LOST Poster (Monaghan, Fox, Lilly)
TTT RoseArt Board Game
Special Edition Collector's Series Frodo w/ Fabric costume
Applause Frodo & Sam Replicas
Gandalf & Shadowfax Deluxe Horse & Rider Set
Sharku & Warg Beast Deluxe Beast & Rider Set
Toy Biz Strider Action Figure (rectangular J-Hook package)
PUZZ-3D Hobbiton 3D foam-backed Puzzle/369 Pieces
Sideshow/WETA "Industry of Isengard" Medallion RARE/LOW NUMBER!
Toy Biz Orc Overseer Action Figure
VERY UNUSUAL Gandalf Diet Coke / McDonald's Hat Pin
Lurtz Toy Biz Action Figure
Applause 'Screaming' Nazgul Coin Bank