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Alan Lee Book Tour: Philadelphia, PA Report
Xoanon @ 9:48 pm EST

Alan Lee Book Tour: Philadelphia, PA
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Garfeimao writes: Ok, since most of the TORN staff were in PA for Calisuri's wedding, those on the East Coast missed Alan Lee's NYC appearance and I was the only one who made it to the signing in Philadelphia. The signing was sponsored by Joseph Fox bookshop, but was held at the Friend's Select school in the auditorium there. The acoustics were nice, so when the Q&A session began, it was easy to hear most people's questions.

Alan was quite descriptive regarding the creative process and working with Peter Jackson and the WETA artists. The actual Sketchbook is filled with loads of images, both those images included in the films, and those that were looked at and discarded from the film. It's a wonderful view of the type of work that goes into a creative process such as filmmaking from a book. It's clear that numerous images were drawn of characters, locations, costuming, etc, and then only very specific items chosen and used in the film. There is some truly breathtaking pictures in the book, so I highly recommend it to any and all Ringers out there.

I'm including a few pictures from the event, including Alan talking from the podium, Alan taking pictures of the crowd for the Blog he is keeping on our site, and fans outside the auditorium during the signing portion. I got to speak with a few friends I know from previous events and made a new friend with someone from Colombia. Always nice to see Tolkien has meaning for people overseas in non-English speaking countries, so that was a pleasant surprise. So if you have the time, go out to see Alan Lee speak and show slides, get his amazing new book, and hang out with fellow fans.