8-29-05 Latest News

KiKn, TORn schedule for DragonCon 2005
Xoanon @ 8:27 pm EST

MrCere writes: Sister sites TheOneRing.net and KongIsKing.net are serving up a full plate for fans of science-fiction and fantasy at DragonCon 2005. Even with 27 tracks of programming, the enduring love of all things Tolkien and the building excitement over Peter Jackson's King Kong puts the fan-run and fan-owned websites right into the spotlight.

The weekend will feature full-blown presentations about Kong and guests from the realm of LOTR including actors (John Noble, Bruce Hopkins) scholars (Anne Petty) and experts on make-up, armor, the Silmarillion and also featuring Children's programming.

A full slate of Tolkien programming is set for the Copenhagen room with the most crowd-pleasing events set for breakouts in the bigger auditoriums. Check the full schedule here:

Friday at 1 p.m. staffers from TORn/KiKn kick off the convention in its biggest ballroom (International North in the Hyatt) with a full-media presentation of the still in post-production King Kong. We will present a big-picture look at the film with stills, video and breakdown of the information released so far about the film that experts are predicting will be an 800 pound gorilla at the box office.

TORn and KiKn will also have a fan table display in the downstairs lobby of the Marriott with t-shirts available, daily giveaways and staffers available for discussions about films, books and anything else! Be sure to drop by for a visit!