8-25-05 Latest News

Elfstone to bring LARP to Dragon*Con's Tolkien Track
Jincey @ 10:07 pm EST

Over the years, we've had several sessions on miniature and PC gaming, but this year we're sharing a new (to the track) genre of gaming. We're very excited to welcome Mike Yow of Elfstone come to speak with us about the tremendously popular world of Live Action Role-Playing (LARP).

Elfstone is a live-action roleplaying experience set in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. Now into their second year of play, the Atlanta-based troupe is growing in their quest to bring to life the mythic tales and high adventure of Tolkien's sagas. Elfstone features real-time combat using foam latex weapons, although its greatest emphasis is on dramatic roleplay, character development, and exploring the timeless themes of the Professor.

As part of the Tolkien track at this year's Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Elfstone will host a panel discusssing its unique rules system, how it simulates Tolkienian concepts (such as grace and corruption), Middle-earth costuming, and tackling challenging roles and storylines. If you plan on attending Dragon*Con, please join the Elfstone panelists Monday at 1:00 PM in the Copenhagen room for more information on the exciting world of live-action roleplaying in Tolkien's Middle-earth! Also, please feel free to visit their [website] and [yahoo group].