4-20-05 Latest News

Richard Taylor, Tania to Attend Fellowship Festival
Tehanu @ 3:37 pm EST

Access All Areas Events Ltd is pleased to announce Mr Richard Taylor and his wife and business partner, Ms Tania Rodger from Weta Workshop will be attending The Fellowship Festival in August.

Richard and Tania participation includes:

A live make up demonstration on one of the special guests attending (who’s name has yet to be announced) and dressing them up in full costume.

Hosting a question and answer panel and even bringing some exciting and unique gifts from their workshop to hand out to visitors who ask the best questions.

Bringing over some LOTR props from New Zealand for fans to see for the very first time as well as some other exclusive items.

Richard and Tania are very much looking forward to meeting the UK fans in August, they are particularly excited as this will be their first European Fan Convention.

Tickets available from Access All Area Events,who ran the Fellowship Festival last year.