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Hall Of Fire This Weekend - Discuss The Silmarils!
Demosthenes @ 6:44 pm EST

'Then Feanor began a long and secret labour, and he summoned all his lore, and his power, and his subtle skill; and at the end of it all he made the Silmarils.' (The Silmarillion)

The Silmarillion Chapter 7 - Of the Silmarils and the unrest of the Noldor

This weekend, we resume our Silmarillion chapter chats in Hall of Fire with the tale of the making of the Silmarils - Feanor's most wondrous creation. But out of them arose unrest as well as beauty.

Admired by all, desired by all, what was Tolkien's inspiration for these unique jewels? How similar were they to Galadriel's phial?

Mandos said the fate of air, sea and earth lay locked in the jewels. Melkor lusted over them, and their existence drove him all the harder to sow the lies that tore the Noldor apart, and led to Feanor's banishment from Tirion.

But why did the lies of Melkor find fruit among the Noldor? Who listened most and least to his words? And why did not the Valar tell the Quendi about the coming of Men?

Join us this weekend on Saturday March 12 at 5.30pm EST when we'll discuss this and more in The Hall of Fire!

Time and date:
Saturday March 12

5.30pm EST
4.30pm CST
3.30pm MST
2.30pm PST

11.30pm UK
12.30am (Sunday) Central Europe

8.30am (Sunday) Brisbane
9.30am (Sunday) Sydney
11.30am (Sunday) Wellington

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