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Alice Sebold in New Zealand
Xoanon @ 1:04 pm EST

The writer of The Lovely Bones is coming to New Zealand for the Auckland Writers & Readers festival. In a recent intreview she talked about how “totally excited she was that Peter Jackson would be making that book into a film.

This is the end of the interview by Linda Herrick that appeared in The Weekend Herald on Feb. 12:

Sebold – who is working on a new novel but won't talk about it – says she is thrilled that The Lovely Bones , the movie, is in Peter Jackson's hands. “I don't have much to say about the movie because it's all very new but I'm not that different from anyone else – I really hope it's good.

“I'm totally excited about Peter Jackson. Compared to so many other people who are big and making movies he actually seems like he really makes movies, if you know what I mean. I can imagine why actors from around the world would want to come to New Zealand to work with him. Hollywood is repulsive and if he can build his own alternate reality, that would be great.”

Alice Sebold appears at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival on May 20. More information on their website. [More]

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