2-09-05 Latest News

Weta Digital Gets 'Semi-Permanent'
Xoanon @ 12:56 pm EST

Tim from Lumière Industries writes: Thought you'd like to know about an event on interest which my website, "The Lumière Reader", is involved with. Called "Semi-Permanent", the conference is Australasia's largest design and creative event, taking place first in Auckland, NZ (March 12), and then the following weekend in Sydney, Australia (March 18/19)

Featuring a number of international speakers from design/creative backgrounds, Weta Digital are the main draw-card as far as digital/animation/motion graphics industries are concerned – although I suspect there may be some diehard LOTR fans out there who would like to know more about Weta's appearance.

The event is open to anyone, and is very much an energetic event designed more around lively presentations and interaction between guest speakers and attendees, with a youth focus. Anyway, if you want to find out more, visit the Semi-Permanent link on our website's front page – there's a brief write-up, some modest coverage on the guest-speakers to come, and enough info there to get a better idea of what I'm talking about. [More]