2-03-05 Latest News

LOTR Obsessed? Read This!
Xoanon @ 4:43 pm EST

Ashley T. Amato, Production Assistant at Vin Di Bona Productions writes: I am a prodcution assistant in southern California researching show topics for a new prime time reality special. We are seeking Lord of the Rings fans with children and are offering a large cash prize if people fit the bill. Specifically we are casting for a show about America's most outrageous parents. The goal of this show is to be a light hearted, family oriented, comedy-reality show.

We are looking for parents with interests and hobbies that their children might not share a general interest in. The Lord of the Rings following would provide a good story line and I'm sure there are countless fans who also have children, who aren't as enthusiastic about the whole phenomenon.

We ask that the people send an e-mail to vdbpcasting@hotmail.com. The producers will be going through the submissions and contacting people for further discussion. It would be great if the people who are responding would include their contact information though.