12-30-04 Latest News

Letter from the Indonesian Tolkien Society
Celeborn @ 12:31 pm EST

Here is an email we received from a friend at the Indonesian Tolkien Society. As most of us prepare for a New Year celebration, we ask that you remember the countries that have been devestated by the enormity of human lives lost. Please take a moment to support your preferred relief organization in anyway possible. Whether it is organizing a local relief drive, or sending money...any little bit will help. Follow this link for a listing of relief organizations that are providing support to the affected areas. [Click Here]

Here is the letter from Eorlingas:

Dear TORn,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is *** ****** from Eorlingas, the Indonesian Tolkien Society. I would like to thank you for posting the tsunami tragedy in TORN, asking for ringers from all over the world to help the victims.

As you know, Sumatra (Indonesia), is the most devastated part. The waves swept the towns clean, leaving only small numbers of houses and buildings standing. One fishermen village was completely destroyed and is no more. No survivors, no more houses. It is dead. It becomes a huge graveyard for its inhabitants. Until now, I have not seen any tv stations or newspapers showing the picture of the village. Perhaps no one dares to go there. Perhaps no one will ever go there. As for myself, I live in Jakarta, Indonesian capital city. My town lies far from the epicentre and is perfectly safe. But we can feel the pain. We surely cannot enjoy our time for new year's eve. This is the gloomiest new year eve I've ever had in my life.

Until now I still cann't believe that this disaster is real, that it is not a movie, that it is not part of the Middle-Earth stories. This is like the Akallabeth, but in our real world.

Through this e-mail, I would like to thank the ringers who have shown their sympathy for the victims. However small, it means a lot for them.

Best wishes and happy new year,

*** ****** (Luthien)

Eorlingas, the Indonesian Tolkien Society