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David Salo Answers Your Language Questions In Hall of Fire!
Demosthenes @ 6:08 pm EST

If you're even casually interested in the languages Tolkien created, you'll want to join us in Hall of Fire on December 11 at 5.30pm EST when we'll be joined by Tolkien language expert David Salo for a moderated question and answer session.

David was the primary language consultant for Peter Jackson's adaptation of Lord of the Rings. David wrote Elvish dialogue, and created Dwarvish inscriptions for Moria, as well as the inscriptions for Aragorn's sword - Anduril - and Frodo's sword - Sting.

David also wrote Elvish lyrics for the movie soundtracks.

He did similar work for the now-defunct Iron Crown Enterprises -- the creator of the Middle-earth Role Playing system.

David will be discussing Tolkien's languages - particularly Sindarin and Quenya -, how the languages appeared in the movies, and his new book: "A Gateway To Sindarin: A Grammar of an Elvish Language from J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings" that traces origins and variations of Sindarin.

All are welcome to join us.

David is a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He received his MA in 2002 and is continuing work on his Ph.D. Read an interview with David here, or check out his website to find out more about him.

This will be a moderated question and answer session, and HoF staff are now accepting questions. So if you have a question, and you don't think you can make it on the day, feel free to e-mail us at halloffire@theonering.net.

The details

What: David Salo moderated Q&A
Date: December 11, 5.30pm EST (US East Coast)
Place: #thehalloffire on the TORn IRC server
Getting there: Go here
Questions: halloffire@theonering.net