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BFI Compilation Ranks Trilogy in Top 22
Xoanon @ 12:21 pm EST

Timothy writes: Thought you might want to know the results of the BFI compilation. The British Film Institute compiled a list of the top hundred films viewed in the UK, a genuinely interesting list of the films that sold the most tickets, that's actual bums on seats.

A six-hour (in two chunks) TV list fronted by John Cleese made fun, and often unusually interesting viewing, if only to see Christopher Lee doing a very enthusiastic impression of Doc from Snow White.

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But to skip to the chase,in order of lowest to highest,

TTT ranked at 22
ROTK clocked in at 19
Fellowhip did best at 16

Yes, they made sure we all knew that LOTR fans were "nerds", and Star Wars fans were "saddos", which is a bit rich in a six-hour show about a list.

The top five were:

5 "Spring in Park Lane"
4 "Star Wars"
3 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
2 "The Sound of Music"
1 "Gone With the Wind"