10-31-04 Latest News

Mortensen Surprises At Rally
Xoanon @ 10:05 am EST

Melissa writes: I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine, who knows I am a big LOTR fan, called to say that Viggo made a last-minute surprise appearance at a Michael Moore rally in Columbus, Ohio tonight. The rally started @ 7pm at our Palace Theatre, and I guess Viggo made a small speech about how he was here because he cared, and we in Ohio, we care. (this is me not using the actual expletives here, haha).

Anyway, fom what I understand Moore and Mortensen were quickly sent to their awaiting vehicles where Viggo rolled down his window, and waved at people. He gave a peace sign in return to my friend- when my friend did it to him.

The rally may be discussed on MoveOn.org or on Michael Moore's website, not sure, but it was just an FYI.