10-29-04 Latest News

Wenham Lecture in Hawaii
Xoanon @ 9:56 am EST

Kiwi writes: I have just returned from the David Wenham Seminar at the Doris Duke Theatre sponsored by the Hawaii Film Festival.

It was a delightful evening beginning with David sharing his family background, stating as a young boy his father would give him season theatre tickets every year for his birthday and it was one night while watching a play he felt he wanted to become an actor.

David went on to explain elements of some of the characters he has portrayed which he accompanied with film clips. David spoke highly of The Lord of the Rings and gave us some insite on how he played his role with Gollum, without the aid of the character actually being there.

At the end of the evening David told us he was getting on a plane that night and after several flight transfers will land in a remote area in his homeland of Australia to begin his next project.

If you ever have a chance to see David Wenham explain his craft, you will not be disappointed. He is truly a genuine person who is willing to share his experiences and give encouragement to others who are starting out in the acting field.