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Supernova 2004 Convention in Brisbane Report
Xoanon @ 2:37 pm EST

Supernova 2004 Convention in Brisbane

Goddessofthering writes: I spent yesterday at Supernova, a convention in Brisbane Australia, where Sean Astin, John Rhys Davies and John Noble were guests. I have some digital photos (attached) that you are welcome to use. Also, a little of what happened on the day.

Although it took a long time to gain the autographs (three hours) it was worth it. John Noble commented on my t-shirt, theonering.net 'Don't make me get my ring' and that he used theonering.net to keep up to date on what was happening through the major events of the past few years. Sean Astin was signing for a fan in front of me and started singing 'Come On Eileen' to her and she had no notion of the song. He was surprised and I think a little shocked that she had never heard of it as it had her name in the song. I joined in (and now tell the story to my friends with the opening line - I sang a duet with Sean Astin ;-) and he seemed very pleased that someone else knew it. John Rhys Davies very kindly let me have my photo taken with me and tickled me while it was being taken. Both JRD and John Noble spoke on Saturday and for the most part let the audience ask questions to keep them reminiscing.

John Noble asked us what we thought the saddest moment of the Return of the King was. His moment was where Sam carries Frodo up Mount Doom when he is no longer able to carry on. The depth of friendship was what touched John's heart at this point in the movie. There were some interesting discussions around John's character of Denethor and the descent into madness, the way the character isolated himself and so rarely spoke to anyone, often avoiding eye contact when speaking to them. He also spoke about how grief can change someone so much and that he could not imagine how he would react if his son died or how he would feel if, like Denethor, he felt that he was to blame for his son's death. It was lovely how both actors would suddenly speak in their character voices to make a point.

JRD spoke of how his costume kept him warm in the snow scenes but how little bits of him would always be flying off and need re-attachment. Overall it was a pretty good day and I certainly came away with great memories and autographs.