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DragonCon Repart: Day 2
Xoanon @ 1:24 pm EST

DragonCon Repart: Day 2

Celebriel writes: Saturday began with a DragonCon favorite, the annual parade from Woodruff Park back to the hotels. Ringers were very well represented, with a large and well organized contingent. Star Wars Storm Troopers led off the parade, a DragonCon tradition, and other popular contingents included Pirates of the Carribbean, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Anne McCaffrey's Pern. The streets were lined with DragonCon attendees and locals, still and video cameras in hand, cheering the parade participants.

Appropriately enough, the first session after the parade was Magic Unraveled: Discovering The Wonder of Costuming in Middle Earth. This workshop featured a panel of five LOTR experts sharing inside information on creating the perfect costume. A few tips:

Jules Kelly of the popular costuming website Alley Cat Scratch showed how to make an Elvish cloak. "Swirlability is everything about cloaks," she explained, adding that the half-circle Elvish cloak was designed to reveal the costume underneath. Tips: Be sure to place the clasp low enough so the weight of the cloak doesn't strangle you, and try adding fishing weights to the hood to achieve the right look.

Suzanne Daley, a big Legolas fan, explained how working in suede and leather is different from working in fabric. She advises using a three-sided leather needle that pierces the leather, and selecting the needle size based on the thickness of the leather. Try to avoid re-sewing leather as it weakens the material. Tips: Use long (basting) stitches in sewing and patch holes in leather with contact cement or rubber cement.

Laura Bradway talked about children's costumes. She stressed that children cannot endure the discomfort of too many layers of costumes, so simple is better. To get the maximum life out of children's costumes, use stretch fabric, elastic waists, and big hems that can be let down.

Jessica Duncan reviewed various types of elf ears, from simple and convenient ones applied with spirit gum and blended in with foundation makeup to hand molded gelatin ears made from individual ear casts (the type used in the films). While gelatin ears look great, they melt from body heat and lights. And while making the ear molds is the hardest part, a good set of molds will last indefinitely.

WeeTanya has already summarized Anne Petty's wonderful talk on Tolkien's dragons and how he created unique characters out of these rich symbols rooted in myth. Later in the afternoon, TORn staffers including Balin presented The Road Goes Ever On, featuring a detailed look (SPOILERS!) at the extended edition of Return of the King, due out in time for the Christmas market. (Exact date not yet confirmed by New Line Cinema.) Every additional sequence planned for the four hour and ten minute film, most confirmed and some speculated, was reviewed, including its place in the film and how it deepened our understanding of character and action. Without revealing too much here, as a general comment it can be stressed that the extended edition presents a film that moves ever closer to the book.

Mindy Singer spoke on the in's and out's of developing your own unique costume using books or movie characters to inspire you. One of the things she suggested to profile and observe the common themes of the race you are portraying and work that into your own costume.

Quimbie Olmstead who headed up the panel. Beyond keeping things running smoothly, she offered attendees a list of sites to get them started on the path to making their own costumes. She also gave them ideas on do's and don'ts for in costume behavior.

New images from the programing track and of outstanding Ringer costumes!

Sunday kicks off with a session on LOTR weaponry followed by Anne Petty on Tolkien's Finnish Connection. Stay tuned!