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Oxonmoot Press Release
Xoanon @ 11:54 am EST

Ian Collier, Publicity Officer for The Tolkien Society sends this in

Oxonmoot 17th - 19th September 2004,

St Hilda’s College, Oxford
Registration (GBP) £25.50 members, £30.50 non-members each rate rising by £5 around mid August.

This year’s highlights include:

Welcome Dinner on Friday night.

Register Online at www.tolkiensociety.org

Registration and Accommodation Information:

The Bookings Officer (Oxonmoot), 85 Woad Lane, Great Coates, GRIMSBY, DN37 9NB, United Kingdom or e-mail bookings@tolkiensociety.org

Media Contact

Oxonmoot Publicity, 26 Loverock Crescent, Rugby, CV21 4AR, United Kingdom or e-mail osc.publicity@tolkiensociety.org

What is Oxonmoot?

Oxonmoot is the Tolkien Society’s major social event, providing both our members and the public with the opportunity to gather together and celebrate Tolkien’s life. Originating as an informal gathering of friends to pay their respects at the grave of the late Professor Tolkien, it is now one of the country’s longest established events of its kind. Held annually on the weekend closest to the fictional birthday of Bilbo & Frodo Baggins, the event traditionally takes place in central Oxford because Tolkien spent much of his professional life here and his grave is nearby.

What happens at an oxonmoot?

People arrive at the college on the Friday afternoon to settle in, greet old friends or make some new ones, and if time allows fit in some sightseeing. In the evening, there’s an informal meal at the college, where those new to Oxonmoot can get to know the regulars, and of course chat in the bar. Events, papers and talks begin on Saturday morning. Many of the events and papers are listed above, but in addition to these there will be an art show open displaying the works of both amateur and professional artists. As well as a sales room with several dealers offering a wide variety of Tolkien related items, ranging from collectors’ editions of Tolkien’s works to merchandise from Peter Jackson’s film adaptation, plus our own Tolkien Society products. On Sunday there is Enyalië, a ceremony of remembrance at Tolkien’s graveside.

Who are we?

The Tolkien Society is an independent educational charity devoted to furthering interest in the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Founded in 1969 membership is 1,200 spread over 40 countries. The majority of our members are based in the UK, but many can be found as far afield as Australia and Latin America, and we enjoy close ties with other Tolkien Societies around the globe.

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