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Hey Kids! It’s Time For “RingersMoot”
Xoanon @ 10:32 am EST

What do you get when you mix a gaggle of Hobbits – a bevy of beautiful Elven Ladies – a horde of stalwart Dwarves – and a menagerie of mortal Men? Add in a couple of Orcish louts just for fun, sprinkle in some funny Kiwi accents, then give them free reign in a fabulous San Diego club so they can all relax, drink, and talk? Now just imagine what all this mischief will add up to?

Well it’s got to be the first ever RingersMoot! What else would you expect from the filmmaking team behind “RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS”?

We know that you kids are going to San Diego in July. We know you’re headed out to Comic-Con for the yearly blitzkrieg of Tolkien pop mania. Ah, the energy! The blaring screens and kiosks! The amazing costumes! The magical exclusive first-look at our feature documentary “Ringers”! It just wouldn’t be summer without Comic-Con! And since we _know_ that all you Ringers will there, we decided to give you guys a social venue where EVERYONE can have a relaxing, fun time at our informal gathering. We do not expect to have any special celebrity guests, we will have plenty of stars on hand. Last year 250 Ringers dropped into our confessional booth at Comic Con to express their love of “The Lord of the Rings,” everyday Ringers truly are the stars of our film!

On Thursday, July 22, 2004, the “Ringers” filmmakers are holding a special 1-hour panel with author Peter S. Beagle [full story on our website]. When the panel ends at 7:00PM, we are all heading out to the RingersMoot. Come along and have a pint with us [and bring along your beer stein from our CaféPress store: “Yes, it does come in pints!”] at the fabulous nightspot THE MARTINI RANCH. Here is all the info:

RingersMoot location: The Martini Ranch club, 528 F Street, San Diego – just 6 blocks north of the Convention Center.

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Map of
528 F St
San Diego, CA 92101-6309

The event is Thursday night, July 22, 2004, starting 8:00pm till close. The event is Thursday night, July 22, 2004, starting 8:00pm till closing. There is no cover charge until 9:00pm, after 9:00pm it is $5 or only $4 with our special flyer. After 10:00PM it's $9 with our flyer, $10 without it. Be sure to visit our “Ringers” table on the Mezzanine and our huge Panel in Room 6CDEF on Thursday July 22nd to get the discount flyer. The Martini Ranch serves appetizers until 9:00PM, and has a no-host bar, admission is 21 and over only. Be sure to arrive early as we will fill the space to capacity very quickly!

See you all there!

Much too hasty,

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