6-19-04 Latest News

Christopher Lee Signing Tour
Xoanon @ 9:17 pm EST

Lester from Special Signings Ltd writes: I thought I would let you know that tickets have gone on sale today for Christopher Lee's first signing tour in many years - they are 15 each.

He is promoting JINNAH - THE DVD. The movie is about JINNAH - the political founder of Pakistan and in Mr Lee's own words "It's The Best Thing I have Ever Done"

We at Special Signings Ltd are handling the ticket sales for the event and here is the direct link page to ticket sales and all the details about the event itself if you would like to check it out.

It does not matter which link you put in they will all lead to the specialsignings.com booking page eventually so it is ip to you if you prefer to guide your readers to the official Christopher Lee site or the Jinnah site or our site to book the tickets.

He is visiting Portsmouth, Bristol, London, Manchester and Liverpool in July 2004.

And we hope to be able to confirm Birmingham and one other venue for August 2004

There are 500 tickets per event and the first 100 who book for each event will get the front row seats and that is why I am alerting you on the day the tickets go on sale.

I cannot tell you hwo rare it is to get Mr Lee to do anything other than the occasional book signings etc. and these are hotel venues and town halls and guildhalls.

This is strictly a JINNAH only promotional event and he will not be signing any other material - such as LOTR, STAR WARS, JAMES BOND etc.

BUT - We know that people want to get material from these other movies signed and so with a bit of arm twisting I have managed to come up with an agreement.

10 people per event will be drawn to receive a free personalised photograph from a selection provided - and one of the choices is a LOTR shot. No personal item can be sent in - so I am afraid no cast shots etc - but if any TORN fans do go they stand every chance of getting an elusive Christopher Lee signed photograph for free.