5-26-04 Latest News

The Philadelphia Singers Go Geek
Xoanon @ 8:18 pm EST

Jessica S writes: I'm in the "music business" in the Philadelphia Area and have a friend in The Philadelphia Singers. (I actually auditioned for the group when I heard what they were planning on performing this summer...don't know if I made it or not yet...). I don't think they have begun to advertise this yet, but it is on the website...so I thought I'd send the information along to you...

The Philadelphia Orchestra along with the Philadelphia Singers will be singing "The Lord of the Rings Symphony" at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts on July 13, 2004. But the best part about this (as if it could get better) is that Howard Shore will be conducting the performance! Here's a link to the "Singers" website for more info...

I've been singing all of my life...but to be able to sing in and Elven language would be a dream come true (not to mention be under the baton of the great Howard Shore!) I hope I'm able to be on that stage...but if not...I still wouldn't miss it!

Your site is fantastic! Thank you for keeping us up to date on all the LOTRs information!!!