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Hollywood Reporter Quotes Quickbeam's Toast
weetanya @ 7:27 pm EST

[Excerpt from Hollywood Reporter, 3/1/04, p. 7]

"Not far from New Line Cinema's Oscar party -where talent and execs involved
with "King" lifted champagne glasses- bands of hobbit lovers surely hgoisted
sets of commemorative goblets snapped up at conventions after learning that
Oscar's final envelope of the evening had "King's" mystical name inside.
One Rings' fan site, TheOneRing.net, even offered a toast that Ring dings
could simultaneously celebrate with.

"As MC. of tonight's Return of the One Party in Hollywood" read one posting
on the Web site, "I am holding a special toast in honor of Peter Jackson and
his cast, crew and supporters. The magic happens immediately when the Oscar
telecast ends (after the best picture winner is announced). Whether you're
at the party or at your own gathering with friends, folks at home and around
the world can raise their glasses simultaneously. This is for the entire JRR
Tolkien community to share in a special moment. Feel free to toast with this
text or in your own way!".

The toast itself included incantations such as "Ladies and gentlemen: hobbit
lads and lasses", "the wonders of Middle Earth have unfolded before our
eyes, shining on the silver screen as never before" and "tonight we raise
our glasses in toast to a gentle Kiwi filmmaker with a singular vision".

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