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Trilogy Tuesday: Italy
Xoanon @ 7:17 pm EST

Vincenzo writes: Medusa Film (the distributor of the LOTR movies in Italy) announced the plans for the theatrical re-realase of the movies (in the extended version) and the "Wopping Marathon" of the Full Monty version of the LOTR (the three movies back to back, with the extended editions of the first two before "The Return of the Kings").

The cities are:

Cerro Maggiore
Montebello della Battaglia

And the dates are:

January, 9-15 2004: The Fellowship Extended
January, 16-20 2004: The Two Towers Extended
January, 21 2004: the Big One!

Price for the Marathon is 20 Euro (about $22), and it will include a gift of 5 original posters and an "undisclosed" additional surprise. The Main Event, on Jan 21, will be around 11 hours long. Medical assistance wii be provided if needed!