11-22-03 Latest News

Trilogy Tuesday: Hong Kong
Xoanon @ 5:24 pm EST

Koala writes: UA cinemas in Hong Kong have just released this information.

Fellowship of the Ring Dec 4-10 (3:10pm & 7:15pm)
The Two Towers Dec 11-17 (3:00pm & 7:00pm)
The Return of the King Opens on Dec 18

Package Price: $150

OR, there's this option:

Screening Marathon

Do you want to compete with other "The Lord of the Rings" fans to finish the 12-hour screening marathon? Here comes the chance! The screening marathon will be held on Dec 17, from 2:30pm to midnight.

From Dec 1 to 5, 8 to 10, pay attention to "RoadShow" (KMB) to know more about the game details. A "The Lord of the Rings" T-shirt and a certificate will be given to each participant. Furthermore, winners of the game may win a trip to New Zealand, get special movie premiums and even cash! Don't miss the chance. Check "RoadShow" (KMB) for further details.