11-10-03 Latest News

Live in NYC? Want the TTT:EE DVD RIGHT NOW?!
Xoanon @ 4:41 pm EST

Pirate Perian writes: Just thought I'd let you guys over at TORn know: for those in New York City, the Extended Edition is now available for early sale at the following two locations:

-Forbidden Planet, 13th Street and Broadway (southeast corner); 4-disc is going for $40 and 5-disc with Gollum statuette is going for $70

-DVD Blowout, 46th Street and 8th Avenue (northwest corner); 4-disc is going for $40 and 5-disc w/Gollum is going for $80

I'd recommend purchasing it from Forbidden Planet, though, just because (a) if you want Gollum, it's cheaper, and (b) they're a very cool sci-fi-fantasy oriented store, and they deserve to make lots of money. That's where I picked up my copy last night!