11-10-03 Latest News

Mortensen Interview Online
Xoanon @ 4:35 pm EST

Scarlet Elf writes: Tehanu reported that he will be interviewed by Rock and Pop FM in Buenos Aires. If any of our friends out there in LOTR land want to hear the interview and know Spanish (argentinian Spanish is a bit different) but you can't find it for some reason. Do this:

Go to http://www.fmrockandpop.com

Enter the website until you get to the main page. Then look to the top of the web page where it has the following:


When you get to "R&P VIVO", means "Rock and Pop Live", click on that section and it should take you to the Real Player window. So far I haven't heard Viggo's interview yet and it's 10:20am Central Time/U.S.