10-29-03 Latest News

Tony Wolf in Chicago
Xoanon @ 3:07 pm EST

Telcontar writes: What do Elves, Orcs, comic book heroes, Maori war dances, ballet and historical swordplay manuals have in common? They are all connected to TONY WOLF, Founder of the New Zealand Stage Combat Society!

The LOTR Chicago Fellowship invites you to attend a workshop by Tony Wolf, the Cultural Fighting Styles Designer for the “Lord of the Rings” films.

Join us as Tony discusses how he researched and developed his unique combat method, shares stories of his work in film and other media, and presents a demonstration assisted by the local stage combat group, Babes With Blades.

NOVEMBER 3, 2003 ~ 7:30 pm
CHASE PARK Field House
4701 N. Ashland Ave. 60640

Admission: $12.00

For more information on this event or on Chicago Fellowship, please visit our website, chicagofellowship.org or contact AZ Telcontar at telcontar@chicagofellowship.org.