10-10-03 Latest News

John Howe Exhibition in Switzerland
Xoanon @ 10:20 am EST

Roland writes: I thought to send you a little note concerning a John Howe exhibition here in Switzerland.

John Howe will be present on the following days:

Oct. 12
Oct. 26
Nov. 9

I met him this year at the Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festival, like there, he might be in the mood to draw something on whatever you put him on his desk (book - poster - notebook). You can even make a wish and he tries to draw as best as he can. I got a very nice "Gandalf the Grey" drawing with signature.

At first I asked him to draw an "Orc Army", but for some strange reason he just wouldn't hear my request ... :) For some folks he even drew "Smaug" or the "Grey Havens", for others "Sauron" or "Saruman"

Here's a site about the event, mind you it is in German. [More]