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Collectormania 4 Report
Xoanon @ 4:07 pm EST

Collectormania 2003 Images - Sean A
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Samantha writes:

Amazingly this year not only do they manage to get Sean Astin to come along, but Elijah Wood too. Me along with some friends went down to Milton Keynes on the Sunday hoping to see the gorgeous and talented Elijah Wood, Although we got there early all the tickets had sold out!

The next day we were back, but this time even earlier. Wake up call at 5.30 am at the centre at 6am to join an already impressive queue especially for that time in the morning. After queing for 3 and a half hours we had our ticket to see Elijah. A few hours later after some breakfast we queued again to see Elijah. He was an absolute star, really friendly and up beat. He even had a new hair style, it was a mohecan, and even showed one of us his tatoo that many of the cast had. We even got a sneak at his boxers too. After a few minutes with him and 60 lighter (yes 3 autographs) we were sent away.

Next onto Dominic. Unfortunatley he was away to lunch with Elijah so another long wait in yet another slow moving queue. Dom was obviously very tired but still smiled away and chatted as he signed our stuff. After Dom we went over to see Sean Astin. After signing our stuff he even spoke to us for a few minutes as it was almost over.

Andy Serkis even managed to get hold of the shopping centre tannoy and did the 'Gollum voice' to some starteled shoppers. Some were amused, some confused, and some said "stupid kids." All in all it was a great 2 days, pictures attached. Elijah picture not developed yet (damn) the collectors fair was as always very good and bargains were to be found. Definatley a must for next year. I've attached to photos, one of Dom and one of Sean. they were on day 3 6th Oct.